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Later, Olivia is sitting with Mrs. Merchant, who sighs, "I'm still not sure I'll ever really understand what happened, and I'm not sure it would make any difference if I did." Mrs. Merchant, I'd love to come over for a glass of sherry so you can pull up a chair and tell me about it. It's nice of Olivia to sit with her, though. Mrs. Merchant goes on, however, that she was exposed to a whole new realm of possibilities today, and given that, who's to say that someday, she won't see her Derek again? Who's to say indeed, Mrs. Merchant, and Olivia agrees. Mrs. Merchant takes one more look at the picture of her and her husband on the table next to her...

...and then we're back with Walter and Nina, the latter of whom tells the former that he saved the lives of many people that day, and he should be proud. Er, once again, I know I'm new here, but it was Peter with a strong assist from Olivia who deserves the credit, and maybe also Broyles for not having an itchy trigger finger. That last is an underestimated trait. Walter doesn't say all this, but does opine that what happened was not a victory, but a glimpse of things to come, and the universes will unravel and he doesn't know how to stop it. Okay, one more and then I'll stop, but didn't this episode show that continuing to expand their thinking rather than giving in to despair is the way to go? Agreeing with me, Nina suggests that he figure it out, and he takes her hand for solace...

...and then Olivia shows up to Peter's door with a bottle of something brown. Inside, he pours them both a couple fingers, and they toast to the events of that day before Olivia tells Peter that she wants what he wants. He plays coy, asking what they should do about that, so once again, she goes for it and kisses him, this time apparently glimmer-free. After that sinks in, she takes his hand and leads him up the stairs, and fade out. So, one glimmer-free kiss is enough for her to think she's ready to hop into bed with him? Well, as I noted before, it is Josh Jackson. Simple enough for me.

Huh, now we're back in Park Slope? A flash of light seems to indicate something sealing itself, and then we cut inside...OH! We're in the alternate universe! And with SETH GABEL! Yes, he's Lincoln here, but back where I recapped him he was my beloved Jeremy Darling on Dirty Sexy Money. Aw! I wish I were spending more than thirty seconds with him, but you can't have everything. Fauxlivia is baffled by the lack of seismic activity, since Alterna-Astrid apparently reported a hefty disturbance earlier, but Lincoln isn't getting anything. Fauxlivia then knocks on 6B's door, and when Alterna-Derek answers, Fauxlivia shows her Fringe badge and asks about any disturbances, but he tells her there's been nothing. She then inquires about his family, but he tells her he lives alone, as his wife died recently, so she ends the questioning. Okay, I have to say, probably the most contrived thing in this episode is the idea that they were so much slower to respond to this potential crisis in the alternate universe, with their team and public knowledge of what's going on. None of the residents of the Alterna-Building called the Fringe hotline Fauxlivia just mentioned? I guess they were trying to establish that Alterna-Derek wasn't contacted before this, but I would have much preferred they excised this ending altogether, except for the part where I got to wave hi to Seth Gabel, who by the way calls headquarters and cancels the quarantine protocol. We then get a shot of Alterna-Derek looking at his photo albums, and I guess they're trying to tell us not to forget about the alternate universe and also bookending the story, but again, unless he's going to surface again I could have done without this bit. Still, as I said, this was really enjoyable! I believe Daniel will be back for next week's episode, which looks like a whole lot of mythology and flashbacks. And I look forward to watching, but man, am I glad I didn't draw that one to recap.

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