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Amber Alert

...while down in the street, the doorman is just putting Mrs. Marcelo into that cab when a body falls to the ground mere feet from her. Well, it's not a party until someone gets broken. Mrs. Marcelo and Jimmy gape in shock as more people, and some furniture to boot, hit the deck, but when we look up, nothing strange is readily apparent. Of course, tell that to the corpses lying on the sidewalk, of which we get an aerial view and also hear distant screams from above before going to opening credits.

Walter is wearing the cutest little apron and sashaying around the kitchen putting the finishing touches on a pancake breakfast while singing about same to the tune of "Camptown Races" (you know, as you do) when Peter enters and asks what the occasion is. Peter, don't you realize you could be eating instead of asking stupid questions? Instead of taking my answer, though, Walter says it's been super-quiet on the Fringe front, which has resulted in him not seeing Olivia for some time, and he misses her. Aw. Peter tells him that it's not his business what happens "between Olivia and I," and minus a million points for not knowing that's incorrect usage, Peter. Lucky you're pretty. (By the way, I can't believe after almost nine years at TWoP, I'm recapping Josh Jackson. If I ever get to tackle The Beek, especially now that he's become awesome, my recapping life will truly be complete.) Peter makes some further attempts to impress upon Walter the value in butting out, but just then Olivia turns up and asks what's so important, and Walter replies that breakfast is. "The most important meal of the day, and I proved it in 1973." Heh. I can already tell that Walter's going to be my favorite, even if the lit candles on the breakfast table sort of suggest Peter has a point about Walter over-involving himself here. Walter exits the room, and soon, some music my captioning describes as "romantic" starts playing from elsewhere, prompting a terrifically understated eye-roll from Peter; hilariously, Walter then rushes out the front door despite Peter sharply calling his name.

After Peter kills the tunes (playing on a turntable!), Olivia says she's going back to the office, and I can't believe NO ONE IS GOING TO EAT THOSE PANCAKES, but he calls her back and offers, "I don't approve of his methodology, but since we're here, we might as well take advantage of the situation and just talk about what's bothering you." WHOA, Peter, give her a chance to keep her panties on! I mean, I know I'm new, but that was not exactly the warmest speech there, was it? Olivia, after a long pause, says she knows Peter did and does have feelings for Fauxlivia, and adds that she doesn't think he's been completely honest with her. With a little snort that's the opposite of endearing, he blames that decision on her "trust issues," prompting her to point out that, essentially, trust issues are a lot more valid when people you care about act in an untrustworthy manner. He counters that he never wanted to be one of the reasons she can't trust people, and that he thinks about Fauxlivia because he spent so long wanting a relationship with Olivia, and then it finally came true. "I've seen what the two of us together looks like, and it's beautiful."

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