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Look, I know I'm new here and may be talking out of my ass, but I thought one of Olivia's big problems with this whole situation (supported by a clip in the previouslies where she said exactly this) was his failure to notice the differences between her and Fauxlivia? In which case, wouldn't holding up his relationship with Fauxlivia as an interchangeable standard for happiness maybe not be the way to go? Rather than mention that, however, she merely tells him she's not the one that stopped them from being together -- Fauxlivia was. However, this gives Peter the opportunity to ask, "And now? Who's the one stopping us now?" I don't know the history, and maybe she's really annoying and deserves this, but I have to say he's delivering these lines like a Grade-A douche; he's putting proving his conversational and emotional superiority ahead of assuaging her fears or doing something that might actually result in reconciliation. Olivia stares at him, but any further discussion has to be deferred when her phone rings, and she tells whoever it is from Fringe that they'll be right in...

...and then they're at the building in question. Peter goes to find Walter, who ALSO apparently didn't gorge himself on pancakes, if the fact that he's buying some nasty thing from a street vendor is any indication, but at least he's the chef and gets to taste his own cooking whenever he wants. Peter makes me laugh by calling Walter "Cupid," but then gets docked another million points by saying "between [name] and I" AGAIN, but let's move on to something awesome, because when Walter asks if his plan worked and Peter tells him in no uncertain terms that it did not, Walter intones in all seriousness, "Perhaps I should have made a frittata." HA! Line of the episode, right there. The team members converge in front of the building, whereupon Broyles (I called him "Reddick," the actor's surname, in the recaplet, which is how I always refer to him whether he's on Oz or The Wire, but I should have mentioned that for clarity's sake) tells them that six people fell to their deaths from the seventh floor. Olivia and Walter wonder if it was some sort of suicide pact, but Peter, noticing the splintered remains of a table, says that most jumpers don't take their patio furniture with them. Well, they might if it were really ugly -- you know, do the world some good on your way out? Peter asks if any structural damage to the balcony was detected, but Broyles tells him no, and then points out Jimmy the doorman. And his name's "Jimmy Smith," but on first viewing I heard it as "Jimmy Smits" and was wondering if the writers were making some sort of statement about his recent career. You have to admit it adds up. While the others head upstairs, Olivia goes to question Jimmy, but he offers no new information until he speculates that maybe it's true what they say about the building. Olivia: "What do they say?"

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