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Amber Alert

Up at Harvard, after Walter amusingly gets all persnickety about the location of his seismographs, he informs Peter and Olivia that the building is not just a soft spot but a potential vortex, so he sends them to collect as much data from the location as possible, and if I were Peter and Olivia, I'd wonder why I couldn't have stayed in New York and had a courier ship down the necessary equipment. But I'm not, so I'll just enjoy Walter's delectable ranting, in answer to Peter's skepticism, about how this isn't precise science, so maybe Peter would prefer that he put Olivia into a HEIGHTENED state of FEAR and ANXIETY in the HOPES that she might get a GLIMMER from the other SIDE? Peter's like, chill, fake Dad, that's not what I meant, and then the two of them head out. When they're gone, Astrid asks what's up, and Walter, instead of answering, asks if she recalls a certain chemical attack on a commuter bus some years ago, and she replies that she does -- it was one of their first cases. (From the context, I'm guessing this hasn't been mentioned on the show before, but if it has, forgive me.) Walter asks for the case file and his related lab notes, and when Astrid asks why, most deliciously replies, "Dear God, is it Second-Guess Everything I Do Day, because I haven't been informed!" Walter, I'm stealing that. You've been, well, informed.

It's night in Park Slope, and Peter reports to Walter that the seismograph is on, but Walter wants them to stand by in case any "last-second calibrations" are needed. Olivia points out that it's twelve degrees out, and she's apparently too polite to be all "Tell him to calibrate this" but I'd guess she's thinking it, so the two of them do the sensible thing, which is to duck into a bar across the street. On the way, though, they pass that woman who was peering out her window earlier, and Jimmy, who has had quite the last 24 hours to be on duty again, greets her as "Mrs. Merchant" on her way in. Mrs. Merchant, looking like she's pressed for time, gets on the elevator, and then we cut to her hustling into her apartment and smiling in seeming anticipation of something. She closes the curtains and gets a photo album down off the shelf...

...while Peter is telling Olivia about a time that Walter apparently sang Barry White's "Never Never Gonna Give You Up" to him while dressed only in his socks and doing the Hustle. "There was a lot going on." I'm going to leave that as is, mostly because I cannot think of anything to say and may not ever again, but apparently whatever tension there was between these two has faded, and Olivia references their earlier conversation in saying she wants to experience the beauty that could be their relationship, or something. Peter thinks there's a "...but" coming, but no -- Olivia leans in and kisses him. And while you guys are blessed beyond measure to have Daniel as your recapper of record, I'm guessing one of his weaker suits is appreciation of Josh Jackson in That Way, so maybe it's good timing that I'm here this week, because sigh. (That Simpsons where Jackson plays the environmental activist and Homer's like, "I'm sorry, I wasn't listening, I was lost in your eyes" is still one of my favorite things.) However, when she opens her eyes again, ominous music starts to play, and she hurries out to "get some air." Peter's like, great, she stuck me with the check...

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