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Amber Alert

...but once he finds her outside, she explains -- when they kissed, he glimmered, which means she's afraid -- afraid that it's not just the Fauxlivia thing, that she's incapable of being vulnerable, etc. Peter thinks she's being silly, but before they can get into it further, Olivia looks across the street and sees a glow coming from one of the apartments, which of course must be 6B, especially with it being just under one of the balconies. We then get Peter's POV, which of course is normal, but he asks Olivia what she sees...

...and then we check in on Mrs. Merchant, who's looking through a photo album with a smile on her face, which is then illuminated by a glow from a source in front of her...

...and then Walter is calling Peter and asking what's going on, since his seismograph is going bazoo. Peter, rushing up the stairs with Olivia, tells him he'll call him back, and then they reach the sixth floor and see light streaming out from the cracks around the Merchant apartment door. Peter kicks it in and enters, and all he sees is the lights flickering around Mrs. Merchant, who's sitting staring at nothing he can see. Olivia, however, momentarily sees the specter of a man in an avuncular sweater, which quickly disappears as soon as Mrs. Merchant turns away from it and faces her. Peter asks what happened, but Olivia focuses on Mrs. Merchant: "Who was he?" Mrs. Merchant: "My husband. His ghost." DUN DUN DUN! No, seriously, that's pretty intense!

When we return, Walter has made it down from Harvard to take his own readings, and I'm sure the elderly Mrs. Merchant was super-jazzed about waiting for some dude to get down there from Cambridge before she could go to sleep. Walter is disappointed to come up with nothing, as he thought there would be some radiation leakage from the other side, and when Peter asks if that means he doesn't believe it was the husband's ghost, Walter intones that there's no such thing. Peter: "That's where you draw the line?" Agreed, Peter, and I'd go on to point out that on a show like this he's practically begging for such a definitive statement to be disproved. Walter, however, says that he and Leonard Nimoy used to argue constantly about what happens to the body's energy after death; Leonard Nimoy thought that they should be able to capture that energy using what he called "soul magnets," which I have to say is something that's both chilling and maybe not being brought up for the hell of it. Walter goes on that Leonard Nimoy told him if he were right, he'd contact him from The Great Beyond. "I haven't gotten the call yet." God, John Noble is good. I wish he'd played someone other than Denethor in Return Of The King. Peter asks what, then, Mrs. Merchant saw, but seriously, I could not be more new and yet I know that Olivia having seen the guy where Peter couldn't means alternate universe, right?

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