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there waiting in his car. Jessup's identified him as George Reed of 524 Littlefield Road, in Lexington, 15 minutes away from where they are.

Then she tells Peter it's his turn, and asks what Fringe division is and what it does. "Nothing. Not anymore," says Peter, helpful as ever.

So Jessup goes busting down the door at 524 Littlefield Road, and they find George Reed, lying dead on the floor. "Look at his lividity. If he was driving a car in New York, it wasn't yesterday," says Jessup. Peter says she needs to get a ride for someone. Geez, you'd think if this face-shifter was going to be stealing other people's identities, he'd at least make some effort to hide the corpses he's leaving in his wake.

So the ride Peer needed was for his dad, who examines the corpse and grosses out the FBI crime-scene dude by saying stuff like, "Feel his anus. It's soaking wet," and the crime-scene dude is plainly prepared to take Walter's word on that one. Walter notes the expansion of the "oral mucosa, the eyes and the rectum, to accommodate rapid fluid loss. He looks at the birds in the cages in the house, and notes that if it's a virus, it obviously doesn't affect birds. "Or people, at least not quickly." He tells the agent he needs the body taken back to the lab, and the uber-professional crime-scene dude calls Walter a "lunatic" and says the body's going to the morgue. Then he asks everyone else if Walter's crazy, and demands to know who the agent in charge is. "I am. Take it wherever he wants," says Jessup, looking decidedly less than sure of herself. Walter's giddy with happiness, and Jessup quietly asks Peter, "Is he crazy?" Peter just laughs and says, "Oh, yeah."

Outside, Jessup wonders in Peter's general direction why she just sent Walter a body when the FBI says Fringe division has been shut down, and Peter asks why she's doing this. "Just following the case," says Jessup, but Peter doesn't believe her, telling her not to "bluff a bluffer." Continuity note: in the first episode of last season, Peter also referred to his mad bluffing abilities. "You know, a lot of people would be scared by this. Most, actually," he says. So Jessup says, "There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt..." and Peter interrupts her to smirk at her butchered Shakespeare.

And then an ecstatic Walter comes running out of the house and yells, "Peter! They said I can ride in the back with the body! Can I?" Like a little kid, heh. "Sure. Of course you can," says Peter, somehow managing not to add the word "champ" to the end of that. As an afterthought, though, he does order Walter to stay out of the medications. Walter starts to sulk when he hears that. Heh. "I think I've been waiting for you people my whole life," says Jessup, whatever that's supposed to mean.

The bell jingles over the door of an antique typewriter shop as the faceshifter strolls in. The clerk, walking with elbow crutches, asks what he's looking for. "I'm looking for a Selectric. Selectric 251," he says, and the clerk says, "Doesn't exist. They never made one. It's 245 straight to 255." "I know. I'm still gonna need the 251," says the faceshifter, looking right at the guy, and the clerk understands. "Ah. You're one of them," he says.

He goes around the cash register. "You know, it's been six years. I just kind of figured that, uh..." Anyway, he opens the cash register, digs out a key and hands it to the faceshifter. "Last door," he tells him, and the faceshifter heads to the back of the shop. The clerk calls out, "Hey. You, you tell 'em. I'm not waiting around forever." The faceshifter nods and heads back into a room, empty save for a desk with a typewriter, a mirror and a stack of white paper. It's just like my home office except it doesn't have dirty cocktail glasses all over the desk. He sits down and rolls a sheet of paper and types: "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED/TARGET TERMINATED/IN FATAL CAR CRASH/MEETING PREVENTED/REQUEST EXTRACTION."

He looks at the reflection of the typewriter in the mirror. The keys in the reflection depress while the actual typewriter does not, but still typing occurs underneath what he wrote: "NEGATIVE/MISSION FAILURE/MEETING OCCURRED/TARGET STILL ALIVE." Faceshifter chews this over for a moment, then types, "REQUEST NEW ORDERS." The typewriter types: "INTERROGATE TARGET/THEN KILL HER."

Meanwhile, Peter's giving Jessup the grand tour of Harvard. She already knows that Walter was a scientist who got sent to a mental institution. Peter says there's more than that, some good and some worse, but this is where Walter was working as a professor while also working on top-secret government projects. "We do our thing down here in the lab, because according to him, it's the only place that he can work," says Peter. Getting all caught up, here, new viewers?

Peter offers Jessup one last chance to turn back, and she's all, "Are you kidding?" and he dramatically says, "Agent Jessup, welcome to Fringe division," and throws open the doors like they're going to be walking into the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defence or something and not just a room that looks more or less like a regular lab. Come to think of it, though, considering all the shit that goes on and all the freaky equipment, shouldn't Peter at least have to unlock a door or swipe a key card to get in?

Walter's there, doing the autopsy on the body in the dentist's chair, and Astrid is hanging around looking pretty, as she does, but with a tighter haircut, which Peter compliments. Walter briefly says hello to Jessup, and then tells Astrid he needs four Bunsen burners and eight metal bowls and a freezer. Astrid asks him if the bowls need to be sterilized, and Walter says the bowls aren't for the autopsy, they're for the custard for Peter's birthday, and I think that if Walter's cooking, the bowls need double sterilization, if anything. Peter angrily wants Walter to forget about the custard, but Walter refuses, and then ticks off some more items he needs: rib cutters, toothed forceps, and a bone saw. Thankfully, he specifies that these are for the autopsy, not the groceries. And then Gene moos, indignant that her agent couldn't get her a raise for Season 2.

Over at the hospital, Olivia hasn't already been through enough that she can't lie there and be lectured to by Charlie, who insists that she isn't all right, and then tells this rambling story about when he was with the Brooklyn Police Department and he responded to a domestic disturbance call, and his partner talked to the woman while Charlie was in the process of arresting the dude when there was a gunshot from the other room and the woman is standing there holding the gun, and then she shoots Charlie, and ANYWAY after about half an hour Charlie tells Olivia he was in the ICU for six days and in the hospital for two weeks, and he kept telling his wife that he was fine, even though he was shaken and scared. "Now, if you're like me, you got a gun underneath your pillow," Charlie tells her. I don't think so, because I think Olivia would have put a bullet in her head by the time Charlie's story hit the twenty-minute mark.

And Olivia looks really surprised that Charlie knows about the gun, and he admits Peter called him. "You can fool the doctors, kiddo. You can't fool me."

Then Olivia gets all weepy as she says she doesn't know what happened to her. She can't even load the gun because her hands won't stop shaking. Charlie strokes her hair and tells her that she's going to be OK.

Meanwhile, back at the Fringe lab, Walter's digging around in the opened torso of the dead body with one hand while his other hand holds a piece of licorice, because who doesn't occasionally like a little snack at work? And while Jessup watches in amazement, Walter is simultaneously directing Astrid in the making of the custard. From a nearby table, Peter says there's nothing wrong with the blood sample. Then Walter starts giggling over how he likes custard but hates flan. Can you believe the senate wants to shut these guys down?

Peter wants to know if Walter's got any theories about h

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