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Reality Bites
ow the guy died, and Walter's at a loss, but says the water expulsion, "though dramatic and messy, seems to be a symptom of some other process." Then Walter says he stumbled upon something that "did the unthinkable." He gathers everyone closer to look inside the stiff's mouth -- there are three indents like stab wounds. Peter's all, "What are those? And what do you mean 'the unthinkable'?" "It made me remember something," says Walter.

He pulls out a videotape while Peter explains that his dad recently "took a little trip down memory lane" and has also become "wildly obsessed" with Peter's childhood. Walter tells everyone to be quiet and then shows them a video of an experiment he and Walter Bell did. There's a woman on screen, hooked up to all sorts of apparati, eyes closed, seated, swaying, smiling. "We came up with such a spectacular blend of drugs. One day, Leary" -- presumably Timothy, and not Denis -- "came by, and he said, 'You're kidding me.'" Astrid asks if this is going to make her head explode, and Walter says it will in a sense, but not physically, which must be really reassuring. "We're trying to augment her fifth, sixth and seventh charkas," he explains. Well, I suppose "explains" isn't exactly the right word, but Astrid's down nonetheless: "Throat, third eye and crown," she says. Peter looks at her in surprise, and Walter tells "Asterix," and she corrects him, not that he pays any attention. "You wanted her to see God," says Peter.

The woman on the screen is babbling about a man with a machine, with three nails that go in the mouth. "He is a soldier, from somewhere else. He's from a place that looks like this, but it's not here. He's from another universe, man. Oh, I can see him. He pushes up the machine." And then she continues blathering about how that's how they change: "They're like shapeshifters. That's how they hide. They can look like us. They can look like any of us."

Peter asks Astrid to get on the old computer box and get on the joint law enforcement database, so they can be notified immediately of any corpse that matches the description. Walter's all, "I'll stand here and rewind just a few seconds so she can dramatically say, 'They can look like any of us' again."

Meanwhile, Olivia's in her hospital room, shaking whilst trying to load her gun. The bullets scatter all over the place. See, if the U.S. already had socialized medicine, there'd be someone there to help her with that.

Up next: a scene written perhaps immediately after the umpteenth showing of A Few Good Men on TBS or whatever it's called now, right down to Broyles reminding Senator Kenneth Taylor of the investigating committee that it's Colonel Broyles, thank you very much. Or "special agent, if he prefers." That's after Taylor reads him the riot act over unsubstantiated claims of invasion and reports of technology run amok, and how -- in a nod to The X-Files -- the old "X" designation and Fringe investigations have been budget indulgences for half a century.

Senator Neil Schell plays the good cop and starts to say they all have a job to do, and Broyles won't even let him finish and just steamrolls right by him, says he's had the same job in three administrations and six wars: "To defend our national security. And I assure you we are not secure. Yes, sometimes a threat is familiar. But I have come to learn that sometimes it is far worse. And when it is worse, when the threat is unimaginable, that is when we are at the door. And you thank God for that." Broyles, did you order the code red? YOU'RE GODDAMN RIGHT I DID!

Schnell knows Broyles well enough to call him Phillip, actually, but says, "Without something usable, something to support the human and fiscal cost ... I'm sorry." Really? All the freaky shit that Fringe has handled over the past year? There's no evidence left of it? Maybe it's not such a great idea to be falsifying official records to remove any trace of strange goings-on.

And who meets Broyles outside on the steps of the capitol building but Nina Sharp, who can tell that it didn't go well. Yeah, because Broyles totally isn't his normal perky self. "Now I don't have to tell you how important it is that Fringe division not be shut down," she says. He tells her that he's not the one who needs convincing. "We've tried. I'm afraid that this one is out of our hands," she says, before stepping forward and planting one on Broyles, smack on the lips. She tells him to do what he always used to do: "Save the day."

Fortunately, Jessup and Peter have already received word of a corpse with three holes in its mouth, and the two of them arrive at the morgue to check it out. "They found this guy two blocks from the accident site," says Jessup, checking out the file. "The shape-shifters must leave the original body behind," deduces Peter, living up to that supposed massive IQ of his. It seems awfully risky to me that the shape-shifters would do that, but since they do, I guess there's no point in complaining. "Do you remember the girl from the video?" says Jessup, like maybe they watched her several months ago instead of, you know, like an hour ago. She points out the woman in the video said the shape-shifter was a soldier. "My father was a soldier. They do one thing, life or death." Peter's all, "They stay on mission." Wow, these two are making '60s-era Batman-esque leaps of deductive reasoning to determine that the killings weren't random and that Olivia is still in danger. And how nice for Olivia, too. She told Peter that she was in danger, but he has to hear a bizarre tale of shape-shifting killers from an alternate reality before he'll actually think about protecting her. They hustle off.

Meanwhile, the fake bald guy is outside the hospital, and figures now, in broad daylight, is a good time to bring out his facePod and just stand there glowering in the general direction of the building.

Then we see a nurse standing off in a loading dock, sipping a drink. She turns around and is startled to see the bald guy just standing there. "You scared me to death," she says. Not yet, he hasn't. He looks her up and down.

Jessup drives, on the phone, explaining that they've sent the guy's description to hospital security: "If he's there, we'll get him." You know, considering we're all accepting the fact that this guy's a shape-shifter, I'd feel a little bit better if she mentioned something about putting Olivia under armed protection, given that they don't know if the guy even FITS THAT DESCRIPTION anymore.

And there's the nurse, walking into Olivia's room. If this is the shape-shifter, this is probably after several minutes of the guy feeling himself (herself) up in his new body, like I would do. Wait, did I just say that out loud? "You're looking better," she says, and Olivia says she's starting to feel a little bit more like herself. "So how's your memory?" asks the nurse, all nonchalant. Olivia says it's all still just fragments; she remembers going to New York, and driving, but she can't remember anything past that. "It happens with head injuries. People can lose days before an accident. The best thing to do is just to keep trying, Olivia." Olivia says she was on her way somewhere to meet with someone, and she guesses someone just hit her car. She lets a "but..." hang in the air, and the nurse prompts her, despite Olivia saying it doesn't make any sense. "It's as if I went somewhere and talked to someone. And then came back to the accident." The nurse is getting progressively more interested in what Olivia has to say. She asks if she remembers who Olivia was going to meet with. "No. ... Almost. He told me something," she says. Olivia struggles to come up with "something's hidden," and the nurse, all keenly leaning over, is all, "Yes. Where?" Olivia can't remember and isn't at all freaked out by the nurse being a little too bent on getting the information out of her. And the nurse gives up. "That's really all you know, then, isn't it?" she says, almost sadly. Olivia says yes, and leans back, completely oblivious. And then the nurse jumps on

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