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Reality Bites
top of her and starts to choke her, Olivia struggling to hit her.

That's just as Peter and Amy arrive, which is the same time as Charlie, who tells the two of them that there's surveillance of the suspect entering the lobby. Peter asks about Olivia's room. "The floor's locked up six ways from Sunday. The only person allowed in is the nurse," says Charlie. Well, that's a relief. Because there's no way the shape-shifter could look like the nurse at all.

Upstairs, the nurse is winning the fight with Olivia, and softly tells her not to fight it: "It's over." I reflexively yell, in my best Stallone, "Nothing is ovah!" Drives my wife nuts.

Jessup bursts into the room and fires a shot at the nurse, tagging her in the shoulder. The nurse seems completely unfazed, but heads for the window (gets shot again by Amy), and jumps out, landing easily on a ledge a few stories below before hopping to ground level. Amy, at the window, calls in the new description of the suspect, and that she's headed into the basement. While Amy runs back out of the room, Peter asks Olivia if she's OK. "Go get that bitch," says Olivia. Damn, Olivia -- I don't think Amy's after your job or anyth-- oh. She meant the nurse.

So anyway, there are the three of them -- Amy, Charlie and Peter -- wandering through the hospital basement corridors, and I'd just like to ask where all this so-called hospital security is, not to mention all the other agents that Jessup had dispatched, especially since Peter decides to go after this building-leaping, bullet-impervious shapeshifter COMPLETELY UNARMED, for god's sake. Maybe they cut a scene in which we find out that the shape-shifters are vulnerable to sarcastic one-liners, in which case Peter can more than take care of himself.

There's Charlie, searching a corridor. I think we all know where this is going, don't we? Why have a shape-shifter if it's not going to shift into the shape of someone already in the cast? They didn't bring Jessup in just to kill the new eye candy, and it's not like Peter's going to die, so... sorry, Charlie. At the end of the corridor is some sort of furnace, blazing away ominously. Charlie slowly makes his way down the hall, and doesn't see the nurse hiding in the pipes running along the ceiling. She slowly lowers herself to the ground behind him. When she drops to the ground, Charlie hears her, and turns and fires a couple of shots. We don't see what happens. But we already know the shape-shifter can take a couple of bullets.

Elsewhere, Charlie hears the gunshots, and then a couple more, and starts running. He bumps into Amy, and almost gets shot himself, and the two of them run until they find Charlie, standing over the top of the nurse, lying dead on the ground. Peter asks him if he's OK. Charlie, panting, says he's good. And then they all just stand around, looking at the nurse, no one thinking to check Charlie for three puncture wounds in his soft palate. Peter, crouched over the nurse, picks up her facePod.

So then Peter's visiting Olivia in the hospital, carrying a big bunch of weeds that he nicked from some overgrown abandoned lot somewhere. Olivia asks him who the nurse was. "Walter thinks that she was a shape-changing soldier from another universe. He thinks that might be where you went," he tells her. Then he wonders aloud at the fact that he can say it and neither one of them thinks he's crazy. Olivia says the nurse thought Olivia knew where something was hidden. "No matter what happened to you, and no matter where you went, Walter will figure it out," says Peter, and stunning turnaround from the first episode of the series in terms of the faith he has in his father.

Then Peter busts out the Greek phrase that Olivia yelled out when she woke up from her coma, although she doesn't remember saying it. He says his mother used to say that to him every night before he went to bed. Olivia laughs, and says, "There really isn't a point where things just can't get weirder, is there?" Not that you guys aren't going to try, right? She asks him what it means.

"It means 'be a better man than your father,'" Peter tells her, explaining that it was when Walter was already gone, and it was a code that meant "keep your people close. Take care of the people you care about." Olivia says that he's good at that. And Peter smiles and says it's good to see her again, and she responds in kind. But before the two of them can just start doing it right there in the hospital room, a nurse knocks on the door and says it's time to check Olivia's vitals. Peter was just about to take care of that, you know!

He gets up and tells her to get some rest, and heads out the door, and she stops him to ask if it's true that they're shutting Fringe down. "No," he says, and walks out the door.

So, yeah, Peter has a plan. And that involves stopping Broyles on the steps of the capitol building and presenting him with the facePod, so he can show it to the senators and tell them that Fringe can get them this tech so they can create an army that looks like anyone they want it to look like, but they are not shutting Fringe down. "From now on, we're calling the shots. We're done reacting. We're not going to be too late anymore," he says. "You surprise me, Mr. Bishop," says Broyles, instead of something like, "Yeah, kid. I got it covered. I've done this through three administrations, and have stuff in my briefcase here that would make you shit your pants if you knew what it was."

Elsewhere, Amy's working away, looking at pictures of the porcupine man from the plane, and appears to typing in Biblical references from the book of Revelation -- lines about the beast from Chapter 19.

Peter strolls into the darkened Fringe lab, and then the lights come on, and apparently Walter and Astrid have been waiting there in the dark for god knows how long to give him a surprise party, and since Olivia's in the hospital and Peter has no friends, they have to put a party hat on Gene, who moos at the indignity.

In the hospital, Olivia successfully loads her pistol, and puts a round in the chamber.

And in the basement -- not so much a reveal as a confirmation -- Charlie pushes a laundry cart up to the furnace doors, and pulls some bags off to reveal a naked, dead Charlie, whom NotCharlie throws into the furnace. I guess if your character is going to be killed off, you might as well have it done by a shape-shifter so you can continue to play the part. It's either that or frigging dream sequences.

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