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A Perfume of One's Own

Later, outside, with Scarrface sitting in a police car, Olivia asks if he knows how many people he's hurt. He turns to look at her. "I don't want you to think I did it for me. I mean, not just for me," he says. He says we're not meant to be alone, that it's every human being's right to know love. "And had I succeeded and I found the right chemicals, just the right balance, I could have given the world what you have," he says. "What do I have?" Olivia asks him. "Love. I can smell that you're in love," he says. Olivia says nothing and closes the car door.

Later, she's at Nina Sharp's place and Nina was wondering when she'd hear from Olivia. Olivia says she talked to Walter, but it doesn't matter what she said, because after talking to the woman who wasn't really in love with her husband, she realized that it's better that her own memories be faded out in favor of the memories from this "better version" of herself. Or something. "I've decided to let things run their course," she says, with Nina staring at her like she just said she's planning a vacation to Syria.

Then Nina tries telling her that she's had an emotional day and she doesn't have to decide anything yet, but Olivia's made her decision. Nina's stunned and says Olivia has so much in her life; is she just going to let it all be replaced by memories of a life she hasn't lived? Olivia, simply: "Yes." After a long, long pause, with the two of them looking at each other, Nina finally asks how long they have. I liked that: she didn't say, "How long do you have?" but "How long do we have?" Olivia says she doesn't know and Walter doesn't either. Looking like she's on the verge of becoming very emotional herself, Nina tells Olivia that her mother used to say she should encourage the quest for happiness in her own children, even if it takes them far away from her. It's quite moving, actually. Olivia takes Nina's hands, and says that when the day comes, if she doesn't remember this, she wants Nina to try to build something with her again. "Don't give up on me," she says. Nina, eyes wet, nods. "I love you, Nina," says Olivia. "I love you, Olive," Nina replies. Man, this is affecting me more on the re-watch than it when I watched it Friday night. Usually on Friday night I'm struggling, after a long week of work, to stay awake by 11:30 when this show ends in Newfoundland. I'm tearing up right now.

Over at the (Peter) Bishop house, Peter's plugged the Observer bullet into a bunch of meters and gauges and power sources and whatever else and then he stands back and waits. After a moment, the blue pulse starts throbbing along the spiral cut around the length of the bullet. Peter reaches forward to touch the thing -- please remind me again what a genius he is? -- and then reacts as if he's been electrocuted when the top shoots a beam of light to the ceiling.

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