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A Perfume of One's Own

Regardless, Walter is now bellowing for Astro's help, so Astrid leaves, giving Olivia time to stare at the video screen, and I guess the teddy bear was perfectly placed to stage everyone on screen, which is nice. She moons over Peter for a moment and then her phone rings.

And she's at the murder scene of the cellophane -- wrapped Jane Hall, along with Astrid, Broyles and Lincoln Lee. Olivia sees what she thinks are bruises but turn out to be a skin reaction to some chemical residue that was on the assailant's hands. Making this Fringe-y is that it's the second such death recently, and both dead women were recently widowed, when their husbands died under mysterious circumstances. This is explained by Lincoln Lee, who seems somewhat awkward in Olivia's presence.

Broyles explains that the men's bodies were dumped in fields, completely dehydrated. So the killer's targeting couples. But wait, there's more! In both cases, the dead husbands' DNA was found on the dead women. "You're saying both widows were killed by their dead mates," says Olivia skeptically, with Broyles replying that's what the evidence says. Well, maybe not so much, since Jane's husband's body was only exhumed 15 minutes ago.

Back at the lab, Walter is performing science magic (while a Scooby-Doo cartoon plays in the background). He twists a knob, and then he spots something. "Oh my," he says.

Peter's riding in a cab when his cellphone rings. It's Walter, telling Peter that he needs him immediately. Only Peter's in a cab on his way to the bus station, which is news to Walter. He asks where Peter's going. "New York. You wanted me to stay away from her, remember?" says Peter, adding that the bus is as good a mode of transportation as any when you're getting out of town, whatever that means. "You didn't tell me," says Walter. He sounds hurt, but he shakes it off and tells Peter to come back to the lab: "I think the Observer may have done something to your eye."

So Peter elects to sacrifice the always-glamorous long-distance bus trip to come back to the lab, where he and Walter watch the decelerated video with the Observer flitting in and out around so-slow-they're-motionless Fringe team and, yes, appearing to stick something in Peter's eye. Peter notes that whatever he did, it wasn't seen by the other Observers. Of course, they haven't exactly been doing a bang-up job of keeping track of his activities, have they? "All I care about is what he's done to you," says Walter.

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