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A Perfume of One's Own

And then we see the SWAT team swoop in, and I'm sorry, but it's always a bit of a cheat to cut things like this, making it look like he's just sitting there mooning over the picture of whoever this woman is while the FBI busts in. Because when Olivia and Lincoln and the gang head down the stairs for his greenlit creepshow lab, he's just suddenly not there. Olivia puts her hand on a beaker and finds that it's still warm, which is the mad scientist equivalent of a campfire, and determines the guy was just there.

Lincoln's the one who spots the dried-out body in the chamber, with the wedding ring prominent. They find some ID for the guy, Andrew Sutter of Milton, and Olivia heads off to tell Broyles they know who the next victim is.

Meanwhile, Peter's wandering through the woods in Foxboro following his little handheld locator, which is still beeping with the yellow dot pulsing and flashing an arrow in the direction he's supposed to go. The beeping starts to get louder as he adjusts his direction and finally emits a happy "success!" beep.

Then the ground starts to rumble and spiraling up comes the little bullet-shaped (or, if you prefer, vibrator-shaped) Observer beacon from way back in the first season. Remember the first season? Were we ever so young? Peter stares at it, mystified and brushes the dirt off.

Over in Milton, a woman arrives home and starts to put away groceries, getting suddenly annoyed when she sees the kitchen garbage bag is full. She pulls it up and heads outside with it, where she's scared half to death by the FBI team that's suddenly on her doorstep. Olivia asks if she's Diana Sutter.

Inside, Olivia apparently fills Diana in while they sit at the kitchen table. The last time she spoke to Andrew was this morning. His car's in the shop and she told him to get a ride home from work, because she was too busy. This makes her cry a little bit harder, which is fair, since she's now history's greatest monster. Olivia promises that this guy isn't going to hurt her or anyone else, and Lincoln strolls up to say that they're in position.

Well, not quite: first Diana needs to sit watching television as bait while Olivia amusingly crouches behind a chair, gun drawn. She makes sure Diana keeps her eyes front, but apparently isn't too concerned that Diana talking to herself might be a tip off to Scarrface, because she says, "You must have loved each other very much." Diana explains that they got married the summer after their senior year at Brown and this August would have been fifteen years.

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