A Short Story About Love

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A Perfume of One's Own

The story that she tells though, reveals not quite the fairytale romance: they were best friends and he was always helping her get over one broken heart after another (focus on Lincoln, who blinks in solidarity). Andrew couldn't understand why she kept letting it happen, and that he couldn't quite understand the difference between loving someone and being in love with someone. And now Lincoln is just flat out looking at Olivia, who has her back to him. "People get tired of looking, and hoping..." says Diana.

Cut to an exterior shot, looking in, there's Diana sitting in her chair. And now we see Scarrface, dotting a little pheromone cocktail behind his ear.

Only inside, Olivia checks her watch while Lincoln suggests that Scarrface is just talking his time. Olivia's not convinced: "This guy targets people in love. You heard her talking about her marriage! Why would Scarrface pick them?"

She heads back into the living room and asks if it's possible that Andrew was having an affair. "How did you know?" she says. More importantly, how did the guy who yearned for her during university wind up cheating on her? Especially when she's a knockout? Oh right, she doesn't love him and won't pick him up when his car's in the shop. And probably other things too. Olivia asks if she knows who the homewrecker's name is.

Cut to another woman in another house, turning off the television in her own living room.

She's just closed an outside door when she turns and sees Scarrface, lingering in the shadows of her kitchen. "What are you doing in my house?" she asks, frightened. He doesn't answer. After a moment, she bolts and he chases her. She runs for the stairs -- sure, trap yourself on an upper floor! -- and that's where he catches her. She struggles and screams and he puts her hand over her mouth. Just like with Jane Hall, the fear gives way to recognition and tenderness. He releases his grip and she reaches up to stroke his face and then they are kissing until -- just like before -- the effect wears off and she realizes she's kissing not the man she loves by a grotesque psycho who has attacked her. She starts to scream and he has to cover her mouth again and tell her to "Shhhh!" -- like THAT'S going to work. He starts to choke her and then we hear Olivia telling him to back the frig off. Nice cavalry moment for Olivia! Scarrface releases his grip and moves away from her, turning to see Olivia standing there gun trained on him. Another FBI agent swoops in with the handcuffs.

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