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Keeping Up With the Jones
ade myself clear," says Jones, adding that he wishes to talk to someone else. Harass says Dunham is preoccupied so Jones is stuck with him. Jones starts to cough. "You don't look so good," says Harass, and Jones is all, "no SHIT, that's why I haven't got time to WASTE on you." His eyes get all flinty as he says he was hoping to avoid any more unnecessary deaths.

Jones lays out a list of items he needs: standard walkie-talkie with removable crystals, a metal ballpoint pen, an eyeglass repair kit, an analog wristwatch. He eyes Harass's watch. "Your watch would do," he says. Harass, presumably sarcastically, asks if he doesn't need anything else. "Quite sure," says Jones.

Over at the warehouse, the eager beaver agent who helped Charlie out is making his way through some of the building's offices. And incidentally, there's garbage all over the place. Killing innocent people, and slobs? What kind of monsters are we dealing with here? He pulls open a drawer. Inside sits a loosely folded two-dollar bill. Sweet....

Downstairs, Olivia and the other agents are coming up empty in the search. Frustrated, Olivia says they should lock the place up and leave. And that's when the screaming starts, coming from upstairs. Olivia races up the stairs with Charlie, and they burst into the office with Agent Eager Beaver, doubled over. He looks up, and his eyes are covering with skin, just like the newsstand guy. Olivia yells for a medikit, and tells Charlie to help her hold the guy, whose mouth is now covered over. "I need to trach him," says Olivia. Considering what happened to the newsstand guy, wouldn't this SWAT team have a medic on the scene? So Olivia wouldn't have to be the one to trach the guy?

She does a nice job of it, though. Nice clean cut, nice insertion of the tracheotomy tube. Buddy's able to start breathing through the tube, which is an immense relief to Charlie and Olivia -- at least until, while they watch, the skin starts growing over the tracheotomy tube too. "No, no, no, no, no!" says Olivia, but within seconds, the tube is just a skin-covered protuberance in the suffocating agent's neck.

Back at the federal building, the mood is grim. Olivia glares at Harass as she walks down the steps into the bullpen, and he looks too weaselly to even sneer properly. He takes off his watch and drops it in a brown paper bag.

Then Harass is in a darkened surveillance room, where he's got a couple of agents monitoring Jones in the interview room. "I want to record every twitch," he says. He's acting all tough again.

Olivia walks into the interview room, carrying a paper bag, and Jones takes a break from his coughing to call her a "welcome face." "A colleague of mine just died," she says, and Jones says he "tried to prevent that," but Agent Harass "needed some convincing." Given that Jones has been sitting here the whole time, how exactly did the most recent death occur as a result of Harass coming in to question Jones? Anyway, Olivia passes over the paper bag with the stuff Jones needed. "This will only take a moment," he says. In the surveillance room, Harass orders the agent to zoom in on the Jones' hands.

Jones goes to work, taking apart the walkie-talkie, and the watch. "That's a thousand-dollar watch!" complains Harass in the surveillance room. You gave the evil genius your watch? How could you not think he was going to get all MacGyver up in this motherfucker when one of the other things he wanted was an EYEGLASS REPAIR KIT with its little screwdrivers, come on! Anyway, Jones sticks a screw in here, and attaches a pen spring there, and then turns a little dial and suddenly shrill feedback fills both the surveillance room and the observation room. "I've managed to get us some privacy," he says, adding they don't have much time. "You killed Thomas Avery," says Olivia, which Jones calls a "stage setter" that doesn't have to be followed. "So you're planning something else?" asks Olivia, and Jones is all, "Oh, YEAH. Something far worse." He needs Olivia's services, though. Olivia asks him what the hell he wants. "I need you to pass a test," he says.

Harass bursts into the observation room wanting the interview room shut down because Jones is blocking the surveillance. Broyles tells him to relax, that Jones isn't going to hurt anyone: "He's just trying to show you who's in charge," he says.

Meanwhile, Jones tells Olivia to get the key that he had on him and go to the Salem amusement park on Policy Street. "I've left something there for you," he says, and starts to cough again. "You need medical attention," says Olivia. "All the assistance in this world could not cure me, Miss Dunham. It seems that when one is dematerialized on a molecular level and then reassembled, there are certain unadvertised side effects." He says the task he's got for her may help him out. She wants to know about the attack he's got planned, and he prefers "insurance policy" to attack. He tells her that right now there's a white cargo van transporting an explosive device that can kill several hundred people just like the newspaperman and the agent. It's set to go off sixteen hours from now. Olivia tells him he's going to disable it, and Jones interrupts: "No, you are. But first there's the matter of the key," he says, which is when Harass comes in the room to shut down the interview. "Don't worry, Miss Dunham. If I wanted to harm you, I would have. Long ago." Olivia stomps out. Jones looks at Harass. "Apologies, about the watch," he says, but between you and me, I don't think he means it.

Outside, Olivia strides down the hall and tells Broyles and Harass about Jones' bomb. She says they need to find every white cargo van rented in the past twenty-four hours. As for her, she needs two hours. An incredulous Harass asks her where she's going. "To get a massage. I'll tell you when I get back." says Olivia, getting in the elevator and leaving two dumbfounded agents -- senior agents it might be worth noting -- standing there open-mouthed.

Driving to the amusement park, Olivia checks in with Peter, who tells her they determined that the skin growth is triggered by a powdered toxin that makes the scar-tissue protein hyperactive. And then there is some boring stuff about Walter working on an antidote, and Peter says the ZTF book is like a cross between an "anti-science manifesto" and a "call to arms" except they don't know against whom the call to arms is supposed to be, and Peter says he'll call her back when he gets to the good part, and maybe they could have just left off this SCENE until they got to the good part. After he hangs up, Walter asks if that was Olivia, like who ELSE could it possibly have been, and the reason he's asking is HE WANTS SOME COFFEE CAKE, and then Peter's looking for the manuscript, and Walter has it: "I was reading it whilst sitting on the crapper," and I have to say that I really should use the word "whilst" more and Peter gets all squeamish thinking about his dad dropping the kids off at the pool. He wants the manuscript back, but Walter wants to read an excerpt.

"We think we understand reality, but our universe is only one of many. The unknown truth is that the way to travel between them has already been discovered, by beings much like us, but whose history is slightly ahead of our own. The negative aspects of such visitations will be irreversible both to our world and to theirs. It will begin with a series of unnatural occurrences, difficult to notice at first, but growing, not unlike a cancer, until a simple fact becomes undeniable: only one world will survive. And it will either be us or them."

As he speaks, we watch Olivia arrive at the amusement park, and if there's anything more depressing than an amusement park shuttered and abandoned for the winter, I can't think of it. There, sitting on the ground just outside a pina colada stand, is a black metal box. Olivia stands long enough for some dramatic shots, and then opens the box to find a smaller, fabric-covered box inside.

Back at the Fringe lab, while Astrid and Peter unpack the contents -- cards with odd symbols on them, some kind of pop-up book -- Oliv

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