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Fungi Like The Wolf

Cut to a couple of bullies chasing some poor kid through a park. "You're dead, Sneddon! You hear me?" yells one, while they other yells, "You better run, rat!" "Rat"? What are they, junior Sopranos?

The two bullies have to pause to catch their breath -- see what happens when physical education gets cut in school? Weenies' heads go unswirlied! Nerds aren't going to wedgie themselves, you know -- and Sneddon ducks into some sort of manmade tunnel -- some kind of sewer access or something? And the bullies stop fighting each other ("You run like a little girl. Keep up!") to crow about trapping the poor kid under there.

One of the bullies steps toward Sneddon: "I know it was you, you little freak. You got me busted for the stash in my locker," he says, and his sidekick is all, "Come on, Matt! Kick his ass!" Matt throws his buddy his backpack to hold. Ah, he's like a knight's squire! Matt grabs Sneddon's jacket and says -- hilariously, almost sadly -- "You had this coming." He's about to punch when Squireboy says, "Uh, something touched my leg!" and an annoyed Matt says, "It's probably just a bug or something. Tough it out." Wow, this episode really has an ear for adolescent dialogue. Anyway, Squireboy is comically unable to tough it out and starts whining, "Dude, what is this?" And Matt is annoyed that whatever it is is getting in the way of whaling on Sneddon. He looks over to see his friend's face covered in black tendrils spreading over his face, and the next thing we know, the same thing's happening to Matt, and Sneddon -- who looks scared but not entirely shocked -- decides to make himself scarce. Tough this out, Matt!

At FBI HQ, Olivia is doodling on a piece of paper a face we can't see, although the hairline looks familiar -- as does the sketch in the corner of her computer screen, which we see briefly, from a distance, while she's running facial recognition software. If you glanced away, you missed it, but if you were watching, the fact the picture is hidden from us rather gives it away than keeps it a secret -- I mean, who else could it possibly be? -- but I have to confess that over the ensuing fifty-five minutes of the show I completely forgot about what Olivia was doing when the episode started.

Anyway, Lee strolls up and asks if she's working on a case, which is a little like seeing someone in the grocery store and asking what they're doing. Olivia's cagey about it, though, and puts the paper away and shuts down the software. At best, I wondered if Walter had confessed to her about the man he was hallucinating. I never suspected that -- well, let's not get ahead of ourselves here.

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