An Enemy of Liberty

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Way Down In The Wormhole

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60 minutes on the clock, Fringe. Dontember shows him the last piece of the machine he was building -- the trigger -- which has lost its charge. Without it, he can't reset time. December points out that if his plan is successful, they cease to exist. If he doesn't, Dontember counters, humans cease to exist. Honestly, if I'm December, I fail to see the dilemma here, but Dontember appeals to the feelings December had for humanity -- that they all had for humanity. "They have not grown in you?" he asks. December says when they first started experiencing emotive development by being in the area, all 12 of them agreed not to speak of it. "You lost control, as did August," says December.

Dontember reminds him that when they came to this era, they were not told of the true reason for their mission. December is unmoved and says this is the destiny of the people in this era. He stands up, clearly expecting Dontember to clear off, but he's not going anywhere. "Destiny can be changed. You have to have the will to change it, even if it requires sacrifice," says Dontember, adding that he's doing this because he truly believes that the people of this era are worth saving. December's all, ugh, I forgot how sanctimonious and annoying you are.

The Fringe crew is bombing down the street in their van, Walter yelling instructions over a finicky comms device, pining for the days of good ol' tumor-inducing cellphones. Hey, might as well get in a dig or two at the industry that was a major sponsor of Fringe for a while, hey? Anyway, Walter's yelling that the electromagnet needs to be at a 22-degree angle and on an even plane. Anil's all, got it, and Walter tells him to take an energy reading.

Meanwhile, Peter gets a call from Broyles, who says he's going to want to get out of there before the Observers start getting wise to what's going on. He's going to get a few things they'll need and comes directly to them. Dude, what is it you need? Everything's going to be reset, are you stopping off for your iPod or something? He parks his car in the parkade and as soon as he leaves, Windmark and his Observer/Loyalist underlings get to work with that device that pulls conversations out of the glass -- we see a Loyalist pull off his gloves and put them on the dashboard, so we know that's going to be significant. And while Broyles is in his office grabbing what looks like a passport and other official-type documents -- maybe he needs that to get to where the rest of the group is, because otherwise I have no idea what he'd need them for -- Windmark listens as his men manage to pull out Broyles' conversation with Peter.

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