An Enemy of Liberty

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Way Down In The Wormhole

It is, at this moment, being handed over to Windmark, with the HenchObserver telling him it was taken from one of the original 12 scientific expedition team. "Your order to monitor the remaining members was wise. When December traveled to the future and procured this unit, I was notified," he says, so I guess brown-nosing was never sacrificed in favor of intelligence. The Observer goes on to explain September and the fugitives are building a device to create a wormhole: "They intend to reset time." Windmark looks alarmed. Given that he's already proven to be a renegade Observer who plays by his own rules, I sort of hope he's also just two days away from retirement and in addition is too old for this shit.

Broyles is still being followed, so suddenly while in a tunnel, he stops his car and darts across in front of oncoming traffic into a stairwell, with the Loyalists getting out of their Hummer and giving chase. "He knows we know," says one of the Observers, listening in at HQ. But he doesn't know that you know he knows you know! Broyles doesn't get very far before an Observer appears and knows him down. So much for that.

Back at the lab, everyone's annoyed because they can't complete the plan without the missing piece. Dontember explains that there's not enough energy to open the wormhole. Olivia says she thought the rocks provided the energy and Dontember says that's to sustain the reaction, not to trigger it. And just as I'm thinking, "Well, that seems dumb," Walter compares it to a car with a full gas tank and no spark plug. OK, that I understand and my earlier skepticism now seems foolish and embarrassing.

So while the rest of the team gets ideas shot down by Dontember on what to do next, Olivia just goes over to Michael and says when she rescued him, he looked at her like he expected her. "Can you tell me what I should do next?" Michael raises his hand, finger extended and just when it seems like he's going to do an E.T.-phone-home thing, presses the finger to his lips. But he says nothing. And then Astrid gets the idea to use one of the Observers' shipping lanes, and Walter calls her a genius because if they can gain control of the shipping lane, they can use that as the wormhole and everything else would work as planned. Astrid fetches the shipping manifest she decoded, and -- what luck! There's one opening tomorrow morning at 6:08! It's in New York, so Astrid gets to work finding out about any checkpoints. Dontember says they'll need an "end dock stabilizer," a thing that looks like a cube and you activate it at the location where the wormhole opens and Peter's all, "We got it covered, Chachi."

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