An Enemy of Liberty

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Way Down In The Wormhole

Olivia gets a call from Anil with the news that Broyles has been captured. "What does this mean for the plan?" he asks, and Olivia is too stricken to answer immediately but recovers and says it's happening tomorrow morning, and there's one other thing they need first.

So everyone starts gathering the gear they need for their device, with a few extra goodies, including canisters marked BIOHAZARD. Walter gives Peter a cartridge of anti-gravity osmium bullets. "Shoot Observers with these and watch them float away like balloons," he explains. Peter's confused -- when they shoot the Observers, they die, so why do they want them to float away? "Because it's cool," says Walter, smiling. Ha! True enough. Better question: WHY do we only get these bullets in the series finale!?

Astrid comes around to tell Walter she's got something to show him, and Dontember seizes the chance to tell Peter he needs to talk to him. Astrid first (and we don't see what Peter and Dontember talk about, but we discover it later). She leads Walter through the tunnel in the amber to find everyone's favorite bovine member of the team (no, not Peter from that time he stopped working out and discovered Krispy Kreme). It's Gene! She's still encased in amber, but Walter's thrilled to see her. Astrid says she was going to let her out, but she was afraid the bad guys would hear her moo.

Walter gets a little choked up, and she leans her head against his, and he tells her that she always did know how to soothe him. Tears roll down Astrid's cheeks (Jasika Nicole demonstrating yet again how underused she was) as she tells Walter that they'll win this and when they do, they'll drink strawberry milkshakes in the lab and not even remember this happened. "Sounds lovely," says Walter, forcing himself to laugh.

She turns to leave and he says, "It's a beautiful name," and Astrid's all "What?" and OH NO DON'T YOU DARE CHOKE ME UP, I MADE IT THROUGH PETER FINDING OUT WALTER WILL DISAPPEAR FOREVER and he says "Astrid" because of course he does and they hold it just long enough.

Things aren't going quite as well for ol' Broyles, who is being interrogated by Windmark. Oh, Windmark's tough! Probably going to pull the ol' psychic cop/psycho cop routine on him. Windmark explains that before the Observers "arrived" -- or invaded -- they sent a team of 12 to observe and report, but then a "strange phenomenon" occurred: "To some degree or another, they succumbed to irrational emotions. Your kind infected them," he says.

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