An Origin Story

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Necks and Balances
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Peter's performing one of the saddest tasks imaginable for a father: going through his dead daughter's things. In Etta's bedroom -- while Olivia's asleep on the bed -- Peter rifles through stuff on Etta's dresser: an ID badge, some sort of passport-looking thing. He holds up the picture over Olivia's sleeping face -- a hairbrush. Hey, maybe you can clone her from a hair! Failing that, you can try burying her in the Pet Sematary!

He pulls up the top drawer of the dresser, inadvertently knocking loose the side panel, on which he finds a little button. He presses it and the large framed photograph -- of a float during a Christmas parade -- pops open and reveals a hidden recess in the wall, full of weapons and explosives. "That's my girl," he murmurs. Aww. Imagine Toy Story 2, but as the girl grows up, the pony toys are replaced with automatic weapons instead of makeup.

Well, it's not like she's going to need them now, so Peter gets out a duffel bag and starts loading it with the guns. Hey, wait a second -- given that the Observers now know Etta was Resistance, how the hell is her apartment not crawling with them and/or Loyalists?

Anyway, Olivia wakes up, sounding almost perky as she expresses surprise at having fallen asleep. And then the crushing realization rushes in and she explains that she keeps thinking she's waking up from a terrible dream. Peter nods and says he knows. "Why would we get her back just to lose her again?" she asks, and starts to cry as Peter strokes her hair and hugs her.

Later, Olivia dries her face in the bathroom and has another look at the pictures Etta has on the bathroom shelf, picking up the one of Etta with her presumable foster mother. It looks like a Photoshop job to me, sticking an old picture of Georgina Haig in with an actress playing her mother, which to me suggests the possibility that we meet up with Etta's adoptive mother (or parents) at some point. At any rate, Olivia sticks the picture in her box of Etta memorabilia.

Over in Manhattan, humans are going about their daily business of having their souls crushed by the occupation, when electricity starts surging along the street and buildings, accompanied by sudden wind gusts, just before a convoy of military vehicles comes rumbles down the pavement. A crew of Loyalists gets out, along with an Observer who's got a set of those special binoculars and is taking notes. The Loyalists set down some sort of protective case, from which an Observer pulls some kind of -- oh, let's just call it a technology cube -- and puts it down on the pavement. Next thing we know, some sort of large rectangular rift opens a short distance away down the street. All we can see is blackness, and then large crates on pallets come floating through the portal into our world, three of them, after which the portal vanishes and the crates drop the ground, instantly blackening everything around it in an oval shop. Man, the Amazon of the future is incredible!

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