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Necks and Balances

In the building, with Peter waiting to take his shot, an Observer suddenly appears, and starts kicking Peter all over the room, knocking the guns out of his hand and gives a little too on-the-nose demonstration of what the other Observer was talking about, with the dark skies actually being the Observer's shoe about to drop. I mean, the Observer literally stands above Peter and lifts his foot to give Peter a pounding, but then Olivia's got the drop on him. "Yeah. It is that type of gun," she says coolly -- god, I love Olivia -- before shooting the guy.

Peter recovers and grabs his gun -- the shipment has already started to float through the opening -- and fires. It's an easy shot from this distance, and in seconds the hole is collapsing, sucking the crates back through along with nearby debris, mailboxes, a bike, a car and bricks from the street.

Olivia and Peter hop in Anil's getaway van, and the gleeful team peels on out of there in delight -- at least until Anil glances into the mirror and stops the van. They get out and can see through the alley to the street on the other side, a shipment coming in through another portal. "We destroyed it. We created a black hole. How could they recover so quickly?" asks Olivia. BECAUSE IT'S COMING FROM AN UNSPECIFIED TIME IN THE FUTURE, OLIVIA.

After the commercial break, Walter, on the phone, can't explain it either: "If the corridor were sealed at this end, then a black hole must have manifested in the other. The Observers on that side would have been sucked into the vortex, their operation crippled for years. It should've worked. It must've worked," he says. Come on, Walter! For all you know, it did work and this shipment is coming through from a time years after the last one, but being sent to the same time in the present! Goddamn, time travel makes television and movies dumb sometimes.

An angry Peter stomps off "to get answers," and Olivia chases after him but he's gone pretty much instantly. Olivia's left by herself to notice pictures of Etta on poles and buildings, "RESIST" in large letters alongside her. She's literally a poster child for the Resistance now. Olivia must be so proud!

Over at Anil's hideout, Peter goes stomping in, telling Niemann to take a hike and grabs some plastic sheeting from the wall, which he wraps around the Observer's head. The Observer struggles, but he's powerless to stop Peter from doing anything, and Peter keeps him under wraps for several seconds. Finally Peter lets him go and asks why it didn't work. "You don't even know what you don't know," says the Observer, who recovers pretty much instantly. He sounds almost amused when he reminds Peter that his friend was correct when he warned him to dig two graves before going on a journey of revenge: "Emotions get in the way of judgment."

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