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Similar burn radiuses -- radii, Anil! -- were reported in France and Egypt, where the other air-degradation systems were built. "If they finish this machine, their air quality manipulation will be complete on all continents," says Anil, with Peter adding that they know their lifespan will be reduced to forty-five years. Anil says if the same patterns hold as for overseas, this was just the first of many more shipments, and the Resistance wants to destroy the next one when it comes: He's hoping they know anything about their language, because he's got a journal filled with Observer scribblings. "If we're gonna sabotage a shipment, we need to know when it comes and we're hoping the answer is in that book," he says.

Olivia says they'll get Astrid to have a look at it, and asks where he got it. "It came as a package deal," says Anil, and then makes a call to a gun named Niemann -- neighbor of 2036's Seinfeld -- who's in some sort of unfinished office space. Anil tells Niemann to show them their visitor and we see an Observer, restrained and unconscious. Peter and Walter are suitably impressed that they captured an Observer. Anil says they caught him here yesterday, wandering around taking measurements, before the shipment this morning. They haven't gotten any information out of him yet, though.

Peter examines the burn radius and determines where it started: "Something incredibly powerful was sitting her. A square," he says, examining a small, square unburned section of the pavement. Anil tells them the Observer they caught had tech on him, a cube about that size with parts that came in a case.

I confess that now I'm wondering why the Observers appeared to be unconcerned that someone they sent for preliminary work just disappeared -- along with his tech -- the day before and then just went ahead with the shipment, but that doesn't seem to bother anyone else. Peter thinks the cube is the tech that opens the door, so -- judging from the amount of energy it expends -- maybe they can destroy the door itself. "Why stop at one shipment if we can destroy the entire corridor?" Olivia asks how they can do that... and I wonder if this were not like saying, "Let's blow up this section of the ocean that the German U-boats are using," but Peter's confident they can find a way. Anil, Olivia and Walter are much less certain. "We don't know exactly what we're dealing with here," says Walter, but Peter's made up his mind.

Walter stops arguing -- largely because it would be like arguing himself when his mind is made up, so he asks Anil if he's got anything Walter can use to take samples of the carbon. There's a collection kit in the van. Olivia goes to get it, giving a nervous glance at the Observer iconography around her.

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