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Peter's scanning the ground with a handheld laser thing, the perfect time for Anil to warn him: "Before you go on a journey of revenge, dig two graves." Peter says he's not worried about being destroyed (which is at least partly Anil's point): "It's the Observers who should be worried," says Peter. Yeah, if they felt emotion! Peter says if they're going to take out the portal, they're going to need the cube. Anil, deciding that Peter's clearly going to be a hard-ass about this, calls Niemann to tell him to bring the cube.

So back at Walter's lab, Peter's trying to put the cube together, but is not having much success. He burns himself, in fact. Meanwhile, Astrid's running the book through a decryption program, but she's turning up nothing. "If this really is a shipping manifest, then I'm expecting dates, times. I can't even differentiate which of these symbols are letters or numbers," she says.

Then Astrid notices that Olivia is completely zoning out and says, basically, "Look, I got this; after all, your daughter was just KILLED and everything." Nicer than that, though. Olivia says it's best if she just focuses. Astrid looks at her for a moment -- too polite to say, "Well, focus then," probably -- and then something occurs to her. She writes a large B on a nearby pad and asks Olivia what she sees, and Olivia says "it's a B" because it's a B like maybe Astrid could pick up the pace here? She explains that to them it's a B, but the Observers don't think like that, like NO SHIT, HENCE THE JOURNAL OF UNREADABLE DOODLES. "This program is looking for a one-to-one correlation," explains Astrid, but since any of these symbols could have many different meanings, the amount of possibilities for every page, let alone the whole book, they need to run multiple decryption programs simultaneously, and she needs a lot more computing power. Olivia says she'll call Anil.

Out in the lab, Peter tells Walter that the amount of power coming off the Observer cube is off the charts, and it's not even turned on. Peter, unused to not being able to turn things on, says it's a strange alloy, but with no magnetic properties. A nervous Walter says the only thing he knows for certain is that it has the ability to blow them all to kingdom come, which is true and you'd think they'd be taking slightly more precautions than they are now. But Walter says if Peter is intent on doing this, he thinks it is possible to destroy the shipping corridor. But it is extremely dangerous.

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