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Olivia points out that they haven't even figured out how to turn the cube on, and Walter chimes in that Anil couldn't get the Observer to make heads or tails of it either. But what they haven't considered is that Peter is Mr. Grieving Bad-Ass now and says Anil has his way of doing things and Peter has his.

So he's packing up the cube and Olivia asks if he's sure about this. Peter says he's sure they can't let them finish the air-degradation system. "We have this opportunity now," he says. Olivia tries pointing out that this could put Walter's plan in jeopardy. Peter's all, Oh, great! Walter's plan! "A scroll with physics we can't decipher, a thought unifier that doesn't work, and a box of rocks from a mine," he snaps, heading out. "That's what our daughter died for so far." To be fair, they're pretty nice rocks! Peter says if they can do this, they'll have something tangible, a real victory -- one that could set them back years. This may seem like the hindsight of someone who's watched the episode all the way through, but setting someone back years doesn't seem that big a deal when you're talking about people who have, you know, MASTERED TIME TRAVEL.

Regardless, Olivia's all, "OK, I wanna hurt them too," and Peter asks what the problem is, then: "Are you worried about me?" Well, YES, you lummox, she is. With Walter eavesdropping, Peter explains that their daughter dedicated her life to freeing them and now they're going to dedicate theirs to making sure that means something. "When we win, when we beat them, I want everyone to know that Etta is responsible for the world being saved," he says. Oh, god, Peter's Facebook statuses will be COMPLETELY obnoxious when that happens.

Olivia says she wants that too. And you can tell she means it. "Then we have to do this. And we can, Olivia. Together," says Peter, holding her face in his hands and stroking her cheeks with his thumbs. With Walter still listening in -- and looking moved -- Peter pulls the grate off the secret escape hatch and tells Olivia to wish him luck.

Over at Anil's hideout -- which has FOUR deadbolts on the door -- Niemann lets in Peter and Anil, so they can check out the Observer, who's still unconscious and restrained on a table where he's being pumped full of some concoction that Anil says contains "A wee bit of this, a wee bit of that" (Anil being Scottish and all). "Cryoprotectants, osmolytes. Small molecules within their blood preventing damage to their vital organs. Compounds that act as natural anti-freeze." Peter's all "'anti-freeze'?" and Anil explains it keeps them tethered to this location: "They're actually not as hearty as you'd think. Their abilities are aided by tech."

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