And Those We've Left Behind

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She Just Wasn't Made for These Times

She agrees to shut it down (over her husband's objections) on one condition: she wants immunity for Raymond. "He didn't know. There's no way he could have," she says. Yeah, he's just an (ugh) electrical engineer. He probably walks around with his mouth hanging open.

So Peter runs upstairs and out the door to tell Olivia (via the radios, so I guess those do work, which doesn't make any sense to me. Seems like that's a violation of the laws of physics as established by this show).

Anyway, Raymond is sadly saying that he can't go on without her, and she got sick so fast. "And all the things that you were for me and all the things that you did for me, I didn't have a chance to be that for you. I thought we'd have more time," he says. With tears in her eyes, Kate says, "This isn't living, Raymond." He's supposed to be outside the room, outside the house, out in the world. He wants to know what better thing he can do for her than this, and -- well? Resetting the clock on her Alzheimer's so she can continue living? That's not bad. I get annoyed if I have to adjust my wife's settings on the DVR, so good for you, Raymond. He says he'll never give up, and he'll build it again. "We have your completed equation, you did it. Look, all you have to do is write it in that book," he says. Sounding like she's giving in, Kate says they'd have to move somewhere else.

He's thrilled that she's agreed, and assures her that she'll find a way so that people don't get hurt. "Let 'em take away all the equipment, ask their questions. I'll build it again." He gives her a marker and she starts scribbling.

Meanwhile, at the tunnel, Lincoln is STILL filming the stupid wall of water with his stupid Sprint smartphone, like WHO IS HE DOING THIS FOR at this point? And then the water starts to spill out of the wall, which is when all the people just standing around watching it decide now might be a good time to get out of there, like NICE EVACUATION, Lincoln. He starts yelling at everyone to run, which is pretty solid advice.

Back at the house, Peter comes back downstairs as Kate finishes writing and tells the Greens that the paperwork is being drawn up, but he's got assurances that they won't be prosecuted. Then the Greens start kissing, and when the tongue makes an appearance, that's when Peter's all, "Guys? Can we speed this up?" Kate looks at the closed journal. We never saw what she wrote -- and neither did Raymond -- but I'm sure it's all fine. "I love you, Raymond," she says. He turns a few dials, looks at his wife one last time -- her eyes welling up -- and flips the master switch. Cracklings and light flashings! Kate shimmers out of view. Raymond looks gutted. Peter looks uncomfortable. Make some small talk, Peter! Ask him what he thinks about the NBA lockout!

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