And Those We've Left Behind

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She Just Wasn't Made for These Times

Peter, naturally, followed Olivia's direction to stay put for all of about three seconds, and he wanders into the girl's room, where Samantha and her mom are sorting through the stuff animals to separate the burned and non-burned ones. Peter finds the stuffed elephant that the girl was looking for, earning the gratitude of daughter and mother, while Olivia looks on. "So, you really think I caused all this?" says Peter to Olivia. No, not now that you found a girl's stuffed elephant! Olivia just says she doesn't know.

And now Lincoln Lee is updating Broyles: the fire marshal says they've never seen anything like it -- some areas burnt next to completely undamaged spots, and Astrid says the outside wall has scorch marks that make a perfect circle: "It's almost like the fire burned in the shape of a ball."

And there's this: the fire marshal said there was another fire here four years ago. "Well, that fits with what the woman was saying about her daughter becoming an infant," says Olivia. Because yeah, this whole thing makes total sense now, and so Lee wants to know if their working theory is that this whole place flashed back to four years ago.

Nobody's got an answer for that, and instead Broyles grumbles that he wants to get Peter back to the lab so Walter can run the tests. The only problem, says Olivia, is that Walter is refusing to do anything that includes Peter. "Dr. Bishop doesn't get to choose which cases he works and which he doesn't," snaps Broyles. "It's his job to investigate fringe events, and until something suggests otherwise, he is a fringe event." Peter stands there, casually leaning against the wall, hands in pockets, half-smile on his face, looking somewhat amused at being labeled a fringe event.

Back at the lab, Walter is begrudgingly running the test, but is refusing to speak to Peter in the second person and just says things like, "The subject can lower the arms." "You can call me Peter," says Peter, but Walter ignores this. "Subject does not have an elevated radiation level. Nor does it have any trace chemical signatures," says Walter. "It"? Ouch! Walter prods Peter in the chest. "Subject appears to be solid, not phasing in and out of existence," he says. Now see if the subject starts bleeding if you punch him in the nose!

Walter brusquely tells Olivia to tell Broyles that he's finished the examination and has concluded that the subject is not the cause of the "time-related phenomena." Peter tells Walter that he couldn't have possibly figured that out so quickly, and if he was erased from the timeline and then thrown back into it, then it stands to reason that those two things could be related.

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