And Those We've Left Behind

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She Just Wasn't Made for These Times

Peter's all, I'll be damned, that's it! as Walter draws the spiral on the map, locating its centre in a three-square mile area in the vicinity of Brookline.

And this time as we go to Kate and Raymond's house, we get the Floating Location Letters letting us know that this is in Brookline. Inside, Kate's a little more responsive, but she's worried about the need to go Christmas shopping, and Raymond tries to reassure her that they have plenty of time since it's not even Thanksgiving yet. Maybe not for you Americans, but we've already had our turkey up here in Canada! He tells her they'll have all the Christmases in the world, whatever that's supposed to mean, and then says he has to go do some work. He kisses her on the forehead and puts on the television for her, and then from a dresser retrieves the large journal that we earlier saw her writing equations in. In his basement, he adds the new equations that his wife added four years ago (five minutes ago) to a computer program. Once done, the sound of electrical whirring and humming starts getting louder and we see that his basement with all manner of contraptions, some sort of transformer/flux capacitor thing wrapped around the chimney. He throws a switch, electricity flashes and crackles, and a digital clock starts counting backwards from forty-seven minutes.

He heads back upstairs, where everything is back to the way it was, with his wife working away furiously in the dining room. She asks him again (but for the first time, really) about changing the date of his dentist's appointment and taking his cholesterol pill, and he smiles, and then sighs as he watches her work. He checks his watch -- just over 46 minutes and counting.

Meanwhile, the Fringe team is canvassing residents about seeing anything unusual. Olivia's talking to some sour-looking extra who doesn't even get a line but just stomps back off into her house. "If the source is around here, it must be well hidden," Olivia tells Peter, like maybe she was expecting to see signs on telephone poles -- "Time Loop-Creating Machine This Way" -- like the ones that direct you to garage sales. She wonders if maybe it's underground and he's all "or hiding in plain sight" and with these two geniuses on the case, that source is as good as FOUND.

Anyway, she senses that something's up with Peter, and he asks if in the dreams she was having they were in a park, and if she felt like she knew him. "You're a stranger, so what would I feel?" asks Olivia, genuinely confused, as though everything that happens in a dream makes perfect sense in the cold light of day. I wish it did, because then I'd never have a conversation with a co-worker that they open with, "I had the weirdest dream last night" and then didn't stop talking for five tedious minutes.

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