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August and Everyone After Him

We get our first exterior shot of the Bishops' place, which turns out to be an entire house. Big one, too. Olivia has come over, confirming to Peter that they have eyewitness accounts of The Observer abducting someone, going by the eyewitness description of his suit and hat. "Quote, 'one of those old ones from the sixties,'" Olivia elaborates. As Peter puts his boots on, he wonders about the victim (no word yet on who she is) and Olivia wonders where Walter is. "He's in the kitchen," Peter says with extravagant exasperation as the sound of a blender firing up is heard from the other room. Yeah, blenders wreck everything.

Peter ushers Olivia into the kitchen, where Walter is busy with at least two blenders, a counter full of ingredients, and a set of plugs up his nose. Olivia tries to get him to share whatever else he knows about The Observer. "You once referred to him as your friend and it seems he may have kidnapped a woman," she presses, but he's too distracted with his milkshake project. Apparently his favorite shake shop shut down yesterday, and he's trying to reproduce the recipe. "Walter? Could you come with me?" Olivia asks. Not really asking at all.

Apparently she's dragged him all the way to the lab, which she's cluttered with 8X10 glossies of Famous Original Observer, spotted at "over three dozen Fringe events." It's not clear from any of the photos what constitutes a "Fringe event," other than that it's obviously something attended by an awful lot of people with cameras. Walter and Peter tag-team on reminding us of their history with Famous Original, when he saved them from a car that was sinking into a frozen lake. Walter seems to finally catch the snap that his bald buddy stands accused of kidnapping, but he's clearly thinking more than he's saying. Before they can press him, Astrid pops her head in to say they have footage of the abduction, plus the kidnapper's journal, which was indeed found at the scene and is now on the way over courtesy of Broyles. As Astrid replays the footage on her computer, Olivia has her freeze and zoom in, which is when they realize it's not their Observer after all. "There's more than one Observer," Peter observes. Walter, standing behind them all, is being conspicuously quiet. Peter notices something weird on the tape, and Astrid slows it down, revealing that just before getting in the car, The Initiator made a quick motion with his hand, too fast to see at normal speed. But Zaprudering it frame-by-frame allows them to see that he was actually catching a bullet in his hand. That's some state-of-the-art security equipment there, if it's filming fast enough to catch a bullet frozen in not one but three frames of video, traveling less than a foot during that time. Either that or campus security uses really slow bullets. "Who are these people?" Peter breathes in amazement. The women can't answer, and Walter won't -- he's busy looking guiltier than ever.

After the ads, we're outside a motel called Lowell Massachusetts. Or maybe that's just what the letters floating above it say. Inside one of the rooms, The Initiator's kidnapping victim is coming out of unconsciousness to find herself in a chair. As The Initiator begins tying her hands to the wooden footboard of one of the beds, she starts pleading with him, but he keeps saying everything she does at the exact same time. "Please don't hurt me," they say. "Why are you doing this? Please let me go. I promise I wont tell anyone." He always knows what she's going to say next, because of some intimate familiarity with either the future or common kidnapping scene clich├ęs. "You don't have to do this," she finishes, cutting off while he finishes, " me." They lock eyes for a minute and he finishes tying her, then produces a twisted necktie. "Please," they both say, until he gags her. "It will be safer if you stay quiet," he says, finally free to have some dialogue of his own. He pops his hat on his head and leaves her there crying. I think I like these guys better when they just Observe.

On one of the park benches that serve as his conference rooms, Broyles shows Olivia a folder on the victim, whose name is Christine Hollis, a 27-year old masters student in fine arts at BU. "As far as we can tell she's no one special," he adds. "Parents are deceased, no siblings, no arrest record, twenty-seven hundred dollars in a bank account. Nothing unusual about her at all." Christine's ordinariness will be a running theme, rest assured. Olivia's at a loss; why are The Observers getting involved in events now, after all the years of simply watching (aside from the Bishop-saving, of course)? Broyles suggests that she figure out The Initiator's motive. "Do that and I think you'll find him." Thanks, that's almost helpful. Flummoxed by an impossible task? Everything should fall into place if you start by accomplishing this other, different impossible task.

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