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Mother and Child Reunion

It's the golden sunny glow of a lazy morning as a sleepy Peter makes his way to the kitchen, where he -- and we -- are surprised to see Walter, busily cooking. Walter's not wearing a shirt underneath the green apron he has on, and I'm willing to bet that just about everyone watching quickly glanced downward to make sure he has on pants. (He does.) Anyway, Walter says something about the waffle iron being in the shop or some such (stupid waffle iron's always in the shop) so he's making chocolate chip and banana pancakes instead. Peter's so thrilled that Walter's talking to him again that the indignity of having pancakes instead of waffles doesn't appear to bother him. So it's obvious early on that this is a dream, and that's made even more clear when Olivia breezes in smiling and kisses Peter good morning. Peter, despite presumably not remembering sleeping with Olivia last night, is still unaware that he's dreaming. Olivia even wanders into the kitchen to give Walter a kiss on the cheek.

Walter comes into the dining room, holding the waffle iron and promising to fix the "infernal machine" so that Peter can have waffles every day. The distress in his voice is rather out of proportion to the agitation that a broken waffle iron should cause, and then he drops the infernal machine in question. It hits the floor, and Peter wakes up. "Walter," he whispers. Right, but all kidding aside, your waffle iron is fine, right? Right?

Waffles are delicious.

Over in Walter's Harvard lab, he's blowing air at a couple of pinwheels when he hears the door open and close. He assumes it's Astrid, forgetting the law of television that states that if you don't look to see who has come in, then it is never the person you assume it is. He excitedly tells "Astrid" about how the metallic pinwheel is spinning against the flow of air, completely violating the laws of physics. I have no idea if that's a true thing or not, but I'm sure there are some other scientific principles that would have to be broken for Astrid to suddenly have a white man's hand, as the person who drops the box of pastries in front of Walter does. But he still thinks the visitor is Astrid, and is startled when he finally turns and sees Peter standing there, holding some blueprints under his arm.

Peter puts his hand out like you would if you were trying to approach a skittish animal, and he tells Walter that it stands to reason that since the machine was what popped him out of his timeline then it must be the way for him to get back to his own timeline, and Walter's the only one who can do it. Walter, though, wants none of it, and calls the machine "staggeringly dangerous" and capable of destroying universes. "Maybe I am too," says Peter, which ought to reassure Walter. Anyway, Peter, having dreamt of chocolate chip banana pancakes made by his dad and kisses from his foxy girlfriend, is getting increasingly anxious to get home. "I have been separated from my family, and you of all people should understand how desperate I am to get back."

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