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Mother and Child Reunion

Walter sits down and prepares us for another trademark heart-rending monologue. "The water was still running in the sink. She must have come to her decision while she was washing the dishes," he says. Oh, this ain't gonna be pleasant. He says he knew almost immediately, even before he found the body. The car's engine was still running, and there was no note. "There didn't need to be. We had just lost our only child," he says, as Peter stares at him. He says he should have mourned with her, instead of leaving her to grieve alone while he focused on getting to an alternate universe to save someone else's child. So you see, "son," I can't help you because the last time I helped a Peter, my wife killed herself and I may have set in motion the destruction of a couple of universes. Hope you understand.

He gets up and walks away. "I may be the only man that can help you, but I'm also the only man that cannot help you," he says, standing in front of a mirror, if that helps convey the paradoxical duality a little bit better.

So Peter tries Olivia next -- she's surprised to see him turn up at her apartment door (no brownstone for this Olivia), as she's taking the day off to deal with a migraine. You know, the kind of migraine brought about by people led by Nina Sharp pumping knockout gas into your home. Anyway, he's there to ask a favor, and I'd just like to point out that Olivia probably enjoys pastries too, Peter.

Inside, they sit down. "I need you to ask Broyles to get me permission to use the bridge so I can cross over into the alternate universe," says Peter. Oh, is that all? Olivia was probably worried he wanted her to help him move into a new apartment. He explains that he thinks the machine is his best chance of getting home, but since Walter's not going to help him recalibrate it, he wants to ask Walternate for help. Olivia doesn't think that's a good idea, because Walternate is a -- what's the expression? Right, an "untrustworthy son of a bitch who is responsible for sending shapeshifters to our universe." I hate those guys!

Still, Peter doesn't feel he has any other choice, but Olivia says it doesn't matter because Broyles won't let him near the bridge: "You may have gained some trust here, but to him, you're still an unknown entity," she says, not to mention the fact that Over There they don't know Peter exists, and how is he going to get access to the Secretary of Defense anyway?

So before they can hatch a plan that involves Peter pretending to work for Vandelay Industries, there's a knock at the door. It's Agent Lee, with some chicken soup for Olivia and a sensitive-guy cover story about how he thought maybe she could use some company. Because there's nothing someone with a migraine wants to do more than have people over! Plus, shouldn't Lee be working? Anyway, the horny little bugger is nonplussed to see Peter there, but it gives Peter an idea: on the other side, Fringe Division reports directly to the Secretary of Defense, and their lead agent -- here's where Olivia jumps in, warming to the idea -- is Lincoln Lee. "That's so crazy it just might work," says Olivia. Well, she doesn't say exactly that, but nobody says that in television or movies anymore, and I kind of miss it.

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