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Mother and Child Reunion

I guess when the kid told her about the two men fighting, she heard "butt sex" and goes for a police officer to help her -- please think of the children! "There's some inappropriate behavior going on in the men's restroom, and my eight-year-old was just subjected to it," she says.

So it's up to the officer to go roust what is presumably a Republican congressman and the troubled young man he's taken under his wing. "All right, transit P.D. Come on out of there," he says, opening the stall. One man -- with the bruised-looking translucent skin of the new hybrid shapeshifter -- bursts out of the stall, leaving behind the corpse of his victim. As the shapeshifter runs out of the terminal, his face appears to be settling, but the fact that he then scales a bus with his feet and then leaps a good thirty feet off the roof is more than enough to give onlookers pause. Fortunately for everybody (well, except the shapeshifter, I suppose) the shapeshifter is then flattened by a bus, so his new shape is "pancake."

Man, I forgot we haven't already had the opening credits yet! This episode's like a quarter done already!

Over on Liberty Island, Brandonate comes in to Walternate's office as requested, bringing along the shapeshifter tech Walternate asked for. "You've been working on this for several weeks. How much longer will it take?" asks Walternate. Brandonate's not sure, but he says he's identified a signal that they might be able to trace to whoever's responsible for the new shapeshifter prototypes. So ... not Walternate, then? Walternate says he wants Brandonate's diagnostic protocols. "And leave the disk with me. I'll handle the back-trace myself," he says.

Brandonate's a little surprised -- and perturbed -- at not getting to see his work through to the end, and Walter coldly says, "I shouldn't have to remind you that I am also a scientist. I'm perfectly capable of completing the task." Brandonate swallows and agrees and exits, with Walternate saying he'll send for Brandonate if he needs anything else.

Over in Manhatan, Fringe Division is on the scene of the guy who jumped thirty feet off the bus, and I'm not sure that "really long jump from the top of a bus" would draw Fringe attention, but OK. The agents barely get a chance to see the bloodied, lumpy, misshapen face of the jumper -- with one blue eye, one brown -- in the body bag before the army rolls in, ordering all Fringe Division and ancillary personnel off the scene. Agent Lincoln Lee offers up a token "You want to tell me what you think you're doing?" to the officer in command, a Sgt. Elias Kane, who shows him the orders that came directly from Walternate. So Agent Lee orders his people to pack it up, much to Fauxlivia's annoyance, wondering why, since they're Department of Defense too, that Walternate would remove them from what is clearly a Fringe case. "Ours is not to question why, ours is just to get the hell out," says Lee. You know, I'm going to need a nickname to clearly differentiate between the two Lees, aren't I? How about "Dualee"? "Linclone Lee"? "Lincoln B"? Actually, I kinda like "Lincoln B". Maybe even "Lincoln Bee"! That's it, settled.

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