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Mother and Child Reunion

Except Fauxlivia has furrowed her brow, so we know she's thinking. "That body at the bus terminal, his face was pretty messed up," she says. Lincoln Bee's all, "Yeah, getting hit by a bus will do that to you," but Fauxlivia's talking about his mismatched features: "You add that to the fact that he ran up the side of a bus, then jumped ten yards and landed on his feet -- I think he might've been a shapeshifter," she says. You mean the human ones the other side's accusing us of sending over? asks Lincoln Bee. He rather naively thinks that once the DoD confirms that with the autopsy, Walternate will let them know. Sure, that makes sense, given he didn't kick you guys off the investigation or anything oh wait he did exactly that.

Fauxlivia's much less gullible, and, as they head out to their SUV, tells him about Olivia's theory that Walternate himself is responsible for them, so maybe Walternate removed them from the crime scene so he could cover up his own involvement. Lincoln Bee thinks she's paranoid -- and then his Show-Me doesn't work to start up the SUV. The alert message on the SUV's dashboard says his Show-Me was reported lost at Liberty Pier, so he calls Cpl. Wheeler, who's quite confused to be talking to Lincoln Bee over his ear cuff, given that Lincoln is still standing on the pier.

Good god, how long does the ferry take? Peter and Lincoln are still discussing the plan, with Peter saying Lincoln should take off once Peter gets in to see Walternate and get back to the opera house before they figure out Lincoln's not who he says he is. Lincoln, though, starts casually asking Peter questions about the Department of Defense and how Peter got into Walternate's secure room where he keeps his classified files. Peter, suspicious, asks why they're talking about this. "Just tell me where it's located, Peter," says Lincoln. Peter gets pissed, because he doesn't want Lincoln to ruin his chance to get home. "I didn't come this far to go back empty-handed," says Lincoln.

They're apparently too busy arguing (which in itself would have been suspicious, had everything else gone well) to notice the police cars with flashing lights that have surrounded the pier, as well as the armed agents, including Lincoln Bee and Fauxlivia, advancing on them.

As he's being shackled, and as Lincoln Lee comes face to face with Lincoln Bee ("Agent Lee, I presume," says Lincoln Bee), Peter tells Fauxlivia that he needs to talk to Walternate. "Who the hell are you?" she asks him.

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