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Mother and Child Reunion

As for Walternate, he's still working away on the body, when he gets a call from Col. Broyles, telling him about the incursion from the other universe, by the other Fringe Division's Lincoln Lee, and another man who claims to be Walternate's son Peter. Col. Broyles can't see the look of surprise on Walternate's face, so he can't tell that Walternate doesn't appear to be so quickly dismissive of the man's story. Lincoln Bee and Fauxlivia are bringing the prisoners back to Fringe HQ for questioning, and Col. Broyles asks if he should demand an explanation from the other side. Walternate doesn't want Col. Broyles telling the other side anything until they've interrogated the men. Speaking of explanations, Lance Reddick -- and you too, Seth Gabel! -- I happened to see Jonah Hex over the Christmas break, and now I'm wondering what you have to say for yourselves.

Over in the prisoner transport truck, Peter lays into Lincoln Lee because he thought he could trust him and Olivia, but Lincoln has had just about enough of Peter's bullshit and points out that they're fighting for an entire world and not just to get back home. "Whatever these shapeshifters are up to, we have to stop them. Sorry if I thought you wanted that too," says Lincoln, and the best Peter can do is mutter that it's not his fight.

In the front, the driver -- an Agent Murphy -- gets a call on his ear cuff. We don't hear whoever it is or what he or she has to say, but from Murphy's end we know it has to do with the prisoners. After receiving his orders, Murphy then wrenches the wheel hard to the left and breaks away from the convoy.

Fauxlivia and Lincoln Bee, in a vehicle farther ahead, see the transport take off, but Murphy doesn't respond to their radio calls asking what's going on. Murphy's partner, Agent Cole, is also confused, but instead of an explanation, he gets shot in the chest. It's like a classic buddy-cop show! One agent is by the book, and the other is a murderous traitor! Can they ever get along? Lincoln Lee and Peter look on in horror, then look at each other, both realizing that things are likely to get a whole lot worse before they get any better.

Anyway, Murphy manages to shake Fauxlivia and Lincoln Bee (while they try to get the transport tracked by Farnsworthbot), and he stops the SUV in a back alley. He gets Peter and Lincoln Lee out of the truck, and, still training the gun on them, gives them the key to their handcuffs, so they can unlock themselves. "You trying to make this look like an escape attempt, like we're the ones that killed your partner?" asks Peter. Murphy more or less ignores him, but that's never really been something to stop Peter, who asks if the call Murphy got was from Walternate. "He's making a mistake. I just came here to talk to him. He doesn't understand why I'm here," says Peter.

Murphy says it doesn't matter why they're there; he has his orders. Just before he plugs them though, Agent Cole turns out to not actually be dead and fires his own gun at Murphy, who then finishes Cole off. But it's enough of a distraction for Peter and Lincoln to go after Murphy, and it's Lincoln who winds up struggling with and then shooting him. "We're doing this my way now," says Peter, and I'd like to point out that everything up this point HAS been your way. Lincoln never got a chance to do any of the reconnaissance that he wanted to do.

With the Farnsworthbot tracking various transponders, Fauxlivia and Lincoln Bee track down the transport, which is now on the move again. Lincoln Bee goes after it, stopping just long enough to let Fauxlivia tend to the dead agents. He manages, with the help of another Fringe vehicle, to trap the transport in an alley, but after forcing Lincoln Lee out at gunpoint, they discover that Peter's nowhere to be found.

So it's interrogation time in the alley, and Lincoln Lee is not giving up Peter's whereabouts, although Fringe does discover that Murphy's Show-Me was used at the Canal Street subway turnstile 20 minutes ago. "So you led us on that little diversion so your friend could get away," says Fauxlivia. Well, OBVIOUSLY. Lincoln Bee invokes the terrifying specter of TRANSIT cops having Peter's description, so he won't get far, not after the two of them murdered two Fringe agents. "Right. That's what happened. We came all this way to kill two Fringe agents. That's brilliant. No wonder you're a detective," says Lincoln Lee. His powers of sarcasm have really been amplified in this universe, kind of like how Superman gets his powers from our yellow sun.

Anyway, Fauxlivia and Lincoln Lee are scoffing at Lee's version of events -- the mysterious call right before Murphy shot Cole and tried to kill everybody, and they're not convinced by Lee's suggestion that Walternate wants them dead. "So, clearly, in the other universe, I'm a nutjob," says Lincoln Bee. Lincoln Lee suggests they trace the call that Murphy got, and when it leads to Walternate, they'll know he's right.

Lincoln Bee wants to know why, if their division is compromised, why trust them? Lincoln Lee indicates Fauxlivia. "Because of her. Peter said I could trust you," he says. Fauxlivia says Peter doesn't even know her. "Peter said at the end of the day, you're a good person. You'd do the right thing," says Lincoln Lee. Plus, he digs the long red hair. It's a whole thing. Fauxlivia's not really sure how to respond, and just says they'll sort it out at headquarters.

Over in Tarrytown, a car pulls into the driveway of a beautiful lakeside house -- it's Elizabeth Bishop, arriving home. She's unpacking a small bag of groceries when she notices the door to the deck is ajar. She pushes some kind of silent alarm tucked under the sink, frightened but calm, and grabs her purse and makes for the door, when she's accosted by Peter and his stubble, scaring the hell out of her. She thrusts some money at him, despite his assurances that he's not there to hurt her: "I just need to speak with your husband. It's very important," says Peter. Elizabeth stares at him for a few moments in realization. "Peter?" she whispers. A mother knows!

So it's catch-up time with mother and son. Elizabeth talks about how her husband has opened her mind to things that she never thought possible, but even still, resurrection? She says she knew as soon as she looked in his eyes. Well, technically, as soon as she looked in his eyes, she thought he was there to rob, rape and murder her, but after that, I guess. She tells Peter they told her he died the night he was taken from her. "And they told you the truth," says Peter, holding her hand and gently telling her that he's not the Peter she thinks he is, that he's from another place, and it's very complicated, especially when you don't have time to watch ten minutes' worth of "previously on Fringe!" scenes to bring you up to speed. Touchingly, she says that she got through her grief by consoling herself with the idea that out there in another universe was another Peter who would grow up and be happy and fall in love, just not here.

Anyway, he's got to back to his own place, and her husband is the only one who can help. She says she'll call the office (she refers to Walternate as "your father" before catching herself), but Peter says she can't let anybody else know that he's here because people who work for Walternate tried to kill him. Elizabeth, having forgotten that she pressed the alarm, says they need to protect him, and Walternate needs to know about it. "I think that he already does," says Peter, and before Elizabeth gets a chance to question him about that, soldiers pull up outside. Elizabeth remembers the alarm, and apologizes to Peter, saying she hit the alarm before she knew it was him.

Rather amusingly, Peter pulls out his automatic and prepares to take on the U.S. army, at least before Elizabeth convinces him to give her the gun, or else the soldiers will shoot him. With the soldiers pounding on the door, common sense prevails and Peter hands over the gun, so no death in a hailstorm of bullets for Peter this week. Maybe for sweeps? Elizabeth lets the soldiers in and stands in front of Peter, warning them that anyone who fires on Peter will have her husband to answer to: "A mistake has been made. I need your men to transport us to the Department of Defense," she says. The soldiers, clearly hoping to kill someone today, don't move for a moment, and Elizabeth says it again, a little more forcefully. Finally, the lead soldier agrees, but says Peter will have to be restrained. Is it too much to hope for that they've got one of those full-body Hannibal Lecter cages out there?

Meanwhile, speaking of restraints, Lincoln Bee and Fauxlivia are handcuffing Lincoln Lee around a pole in a janitorial room at Fringe headquarters. "It's a maintenance closet!" says Lincoln Lee, who apparently wants a proper jail cell. "That's very astute. No wonder you're a detective," says Lincoln Bee. Ooh, good comeback, using the same insult Lincoln Lee used like half an hour ago! Fauxlivia says they're going to trace the call, and if it leads back to the Secretary of Defense, then they'll talk, but if not, this isn't the last windowless room he's going to find himself in. Lincoln Bee suggests Lincoln makes himself comfortable (which ought to be difficult since he's handcuffed standing up). "Nobody knows you're here but us," says Lincoln Bee. No, not until Milos shows up to clean the building. He tries to be good hard worker man, but refrigemator so messy. So, so messy.

Once outside the closet, after Fauxlivia locks it, Lincoln Bee seems a little less confident: "We're breaking about five different general orders right now. I hope you know what you're doing," he says. Me too, says Fauxlivia. But your plan is so crazy it just might work!

Over at Liberty Island, Peter and Elizabeth are ushered into Walternate's office by four soldiers, with Elizabeth referring to Peter as "a miracle," which is overstating things a bit. Walternate, doing his best to appear happy, says, "Of course it is," and then stands in front of a wary Peter, telling him that he's dreamt about this moment for many years.

Walternate orders the soldiers to take Peter's restraints off and then leave them. They prote

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