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Sweet Dreams

A woman and her baby stroll down an improbably empty Grand Central station. The woman is improbably singing to her child (improbable because sane people in New York are generally too image conscious to sing in public. No jokes about the rarely-spotted sane New Yorker, please.) The woman then manages to drag her stroller down one flight of stairs, through the gauntlet of New York subway turnstiles, and down another flight of stairs with no cursing, fist shaking, alarms going off, or doors being kicked. New York City subways and strollers are the number one cause of turnstile kicking and have increased the profits of swear jars by twenty percent, even in this economy. Obviously she misses the train, finally letting a mild oath rip and then apologizing to her baby's tender ears. As the woman and child stand on the completely empty subway platform (I'm sure 7 train riders were thrilled when they couldn't use the station because they were filming this episode) we become aware that they are not alone. As the baby loses her balloon, another train pulls into the station, and someone who looks a lot like Olivia shoves the woman in front of the train! Next to falling into an open cellar door or tumbling through a subway grate, that is every New Yorker's nightmare. As the train slows, we see that not only did the person look like Olivia, it was Olivia.

Elsewhere, the real Olivia wakes with a start, because it was all a dream. Obviously she decides to do some sit ups to shake off the awful nightmarish feeling. I mean sit ups, right? So much better than bourbon or chocolate ice cream or Lifetime movies. Later in the morning, Olivia does the crossword, drinks coffee, teases her sister, and engages her niece while the television blares in the background. She looks up when the local news reports on a suicide in New York City. It's the woman she saw in her dream. I mean, "dream." The giant floating titles tell us that Olivia is now at the Federal Building in Boston. You would think Homeland Security would be a little wary about making the building so obvious. Hop on that, Janet Napolitano! Liv asks her boss for permission to go to New York and investigate the suicide. But she doesn't really give him many details to go on and he is hesitant. I guess I would be reluctant to tell my boss that "I had a dream," but in their line of work having a prescient nightmare should earn her a merit badge. The Boss Man gives her 24 hours, but warns her that she's been distracted lately and he needs her to focus. She thanks him and heads off to Harvard to talk to the team about her dream. Obviously she feels comfortable talking to them about her nightmare. As per usual, Peter is pragmatic about the vision, while Walter is scanning her for teleportation residue, because in his view that is the most likely scenario. Unfortunately there's no evidence for teleportation or for astral projection. Olivia knows it wasn't just a dream. She could smell the platform and see the woman's face. Peter and Walter prepare for a trip to the Big Apple. But when Walter starts singing show tunes Peter ditches him with all apologies to Astrid, who is probably happy to have a purpose on the show, even if that purpose is merely to babysit Walter.

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