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Sweet Dreams

She and Peter must have made the trip back to Boston in silence, because Olivia doesn't tell him how she knows the blonde guy until she points him out on the subway surveillance tape back at the lab. Bet that was a fun car ride. Astrid zooms in on the man's face. He is blonde and has a scar. Walter is intrigued...with the coffee. Peter moves to snatch it out of his hand, but Walter manages to focus and drink coffee simultaneously. See? He is a genius. So with the pictures of Scarface at the subway and a witness placing him at the restaurant (or at least some other blonde guy with a scar), they have a man who was at both crime scenes. He's the link. He was at the table where Olivia dreamt she was sitting and at the platform where she dreamt she was standing. But she never saw him. So obviously she was him. Duh. Dreams aren't always literal, Walter explains, so she must have been dreaming about Scarface. Olivia is much relieved that he was actually the one murdering people, not her. But there is still that hanging question about why she was dreaming with him. I don't know about you, but I totally have "Dream a Little Dream of Me" stuck in my head.

As a viewer of this show, I love the sixty second commercials. As a recapper? Not so much. Seriously, commercials are a recapper's secret girlfriend. Anyway. Over at FBI HQ, the agents have left defending the nation against terrorism aside for a minute to all focus on perusing every single crime-fighting database in the entire galaxy for a blonde guy with a scar. Good thing they have a partial fingerprint from the broken cup at the restaurant or that could take at least several minutes of the agents' valuable time. The Boss totally derails their train of thought by demanding to know what they are doing that is so important as to put our national security on the back burner. Walter explains: a man is killing people with his thoughts and Olivia is watching in her dreams. Recap done! Byeeee! Just as the Boss is about to put the kibosh on the whole operation, the crack investigative team and their rampant database use gets a hit. And presto! They have a name and a former address for their suspected mind killer. If the real FBI has even one fifth of the resources of this fake FBI I'm donating all my money to the ACLU. The suspect used to live at St. Jude's Hospital. The Boss drags Olivia by the ear into his office and demands to know why she authorized all of the FBI's resources to her odd little cause. Dude, I was asking that same question! We must be mind linking! Olivia takes a deep breath and gives the Boss the lowdown on the mind killer. She looks a little abashed, which increases my faith in this show, like, she still has enough sense to be sort of embarrassed at being embroiled in the crazy. The Boss asks her if she knows how this sounds, and she does. She looks increasingly uncomfortable as the Boss gives her the what for about the scrutiny they are under and how it is unethical to investigate a case in which you are a participant. Olivia asks for a few days off to investigate, but the Boss goes to the phone, calls Charlie, and opens a case to investigate Scarface. Olivia is running the case. So much for professional ethics! Olivia thanks him and promises to take care of herself.

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