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Sweet Dreams

Back at the mental hospital where Walter spent some quality time, Peter and Olivia wait for the director. The waiting room makes Peter contemplative (I think it was actually the wallpaper that did it) and he opines that he needs to rethink Walter's crazy. He always felt like it was something Walter inflicted on him and his mother, but in reality it was probably pretty hard for Walter, too. Olivia forgives it as youthful naiveté, but Peter's not so sure. The doctor finally shows up to meet the agents and she gives them all the details on the suspect, Nick something or other. I'm going with Scarface, because, really, does the guy's last name matter? The doctor remembers Scarface well because he was in the volunteer residential treatment program when she arrived and, man, you should have seen the insurance policy on that guy! The accountants are still talking about it. All military with its own case worker. Bookkeeping was in heaven. Then one day an attorney showed up saying Scarface had inherited a great deal of money (from his namesake drug dealing uncle, no doubt) and a few days later he checked himself out of the hospital. The doctor explains that Scarface was hyperemotive and could change the entire mood of a room depending on his feelings. He was also prone to delusions and could be suicidal. Sounds like a hoot at a party. He suffered from typical paranoid fears, namely, thinking he was recruited as a child to be a soldier in a secret war against denizens of a parallel universe. That's funny, because I am a child soldier in a secret war against alien life forms. Olivia throws a look at Peter, but he is too busy looking very concerned to notice. Cut to Astrid getting her requisite screen time. She has the giant book of the coming war -- you know, the one that Olivia and Peter found in a secondhand bookstore about the end of the world and the crazy technocult people? The ZFT manuscript that Walter wrote? Anyway, it's a big book and Astrid is reading a section aloud to Olivia on the phone. It's a word for word recounting of what's in Scarface's patient records. Astrid wonders when he was recruited and Olivia answers by asking what year he was born. Peter flips through the folder and finds that Scarface was born in 1979 in Jacksonville, Florida. And while some of you Floridians out there may think I am not acquainted with the town because I failed to mention it by name in the recaplet. Let me assure you, I do. Jacksonville has a population of 1,503,182. Population growth rate (2008): 2.035%. Ethnic groups: Balanta 30%, Fula 20%, Manjaca 14%, Mandinga 13%, Papel 7%, others 16%. Religions: Indigenous beliefs 50%, Muslim 40%, Christian 10%.

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