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Sweet Dreams

Back at FBI HQ, Olivia walks down a corridor while the Boss tells her the results of their investigation: Scarface's parents died several years ago, there are a lot of false documents surrounding him, they've asked Massive Dynamic for information on the Cortexiphan drug testing protocol, but they swear all the names of "participants" were deleted from their records. He asks Olivia is she has any recollection of the experiments. She doesn't and she doesn't know why Scarface does. They arrive at their destination. It's a medical holding cell where Scarface is being held in a medically-induced coma, indefinitely. He said sometimes what we wake up can't be put back to sleep. The boss asks if she is okay. She says she is.

Back at her house, her niece sleeps on the couch and wakes up when Olivia comes in. She complains about the vaccines she got and Olivia says it is just bad dreams. With a straight face even! She puts the girl back to bed. Later, Charlie arrives with some files obtained when he broke about a thousand regulations. It's Scarface's file. It's filled with clippings about Doppelgangers among us. She leafs through it looking puzzled. Back at the lab, Walter sifts through a box of VHS tapes. He finds the one he's looking for. He sits down to watch. It's a recording of a little girl scrunched up in a corner with the voices of two men talking over her. One is saying she got scared and the other voice, Walter's, tries to sooth her. The little girl? Olivia.

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