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Losing It in the Sky with Diamonds

It looks like the remnants of a campsite, with an old RV that's been all but overtaken by leafy vines. As Peter and Olivia go to investigate, they come across a blackened skeleton lying nearby. Peter feels around in the leaves under the skull and pulls out a piece of Observer tech like the one he recently removed from his own neck. "It was an Observer," he says, just in case we didn't already realize that. Olivia finds two more bodies, one an Observer's and one a Loyalist's. "Looks like they were killed in a firefight," Olivia says. She thinks it must have happened 10 or 15 years ago, based on the decomposition of the bodies. Peter finds another skeleton slumped over the RV's steering wheel. "I think we just found Donald," he says. He notices an early model Observer gun on the dash. Olivia wonders where the signal could be coming from if Donald has been dead all this time.

While Peter resumes looking for the signal with Anil's device, Olivia checks the dead man's pockets. She finds his wallet, checks inside and casts a look of sadness and recognition at the dead man. Meanwhile, Peter has tracked the signal to a relay perched high in one of the trees. He calls out to Olivia to tell her that it's boosting the signal from somewhere else. When Olivia comes out of the RV, he sees her mood has darkened. "What's wrong?" he asks. "The body behind the wheel? It isn't Donald," she says. She looks down at the wallet and this time we see what she sees: Sam Weiss's driver's license. He's bowling with the angels now.

Back at the lab, Astrid gets a call from Olivia with the latest details. The name isn't familiar to her because of that whole "different timeline" thing. She asks Walter, but he's never heard of Sam, either. Olivia tells them he died while protecting the relay, so at least they know he was a hero, even if they didn't know him this time around. "Is there a possibility that Sam Weiss was Donald?" Astrid asks. "I don't think so," Olivia says. She's seen enough of Donald on the tapes that she can tell his body type and hair color were different from Sam's. She says Peter's recalibrating the tracking device so they can find the original of the signal.

Astrid goes back to doing... whatever. All that matters is that she turns her back long enough for trippy Carla to start cooing to Walter again. "She won't see you now," she says. He heads off for parts unknown, but Carla calls him back. "You're still cold, Walter." So he starts off in another direction, but Carla tells him he's just getting colder. "This is absurd!" Walter hisses at her/himself. "Just tell me what it is you have me looking for!" She is, of course, talking about his secrets. Walter says he can't imagine what she's talking about and she says that doesn't sound like the Walter she knew. "He once told me, 'There is no god in this lab but me.'" Walter conjures up a slightly younger Nina Sharp to help defend him. Carla is unmoved. She suggests Walter could go off to New York and share his secrets with the Observers. A man of his "staggering intellect" would be revered, she says. Walter can't help but look a little proud of himself, but he refuses to do her bidding when she tells him to leave the lab.

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