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Losing It in the Sky with Diamonds

Astrid hears him arguing with himself and calls out to him, but he's beyond hearing her. He dashes off to his office with Slightly Younger Nina Sharp in tow. Unfortunately, it's not respite he finds, but Carla, sitting on his desk with a bit of a come-hither look in her eyes. "Warmer," she says. "You're burning up - and I know how that feels." He leans towards her as if pulled by an inexorable force. Something creaks underfoot. Walter steps back to see a small panel in the floorboard. He lifts it up and pulls out a book. "Put it back, Walter," Slightly Younger Nina Sharp tells him. "That's your life's work," Carla says. "The work I came to burn the night I died." When Walter looks up, he sees a horrifically charred Carla standing in the doorway. The green fairy appears over the book to waggle a chiding finger at Walter. He waves her away. "Perhaps just a peek," he says. Slightly Younger Nina Sharp looks like she's going to cry.

Next thing you know, Walter's in a taxi, looking fondly over his notebook. There's a device that looks like a blender with a jet engine where the pitcher would be. "Ah, my matter displacement invention for removing food from cans," he reminisces. The cab driver leaves to get change for Walter's fare, so now Walter is free to babble in relative privacy. He looks up from his book. "What's 'black umbrella'?" he asks. "Why is it in my head?" Carla Warren sits beside him, wearing fabulous sunglasses even though it's cloudy out. Also, even though she's not real. She just gives him a teasing smile and says nothing.

A knock comes at the window and a man in a butler's uniform offers Walter a tray of acid tabs. "Would you care for a top-off, sir?" Walter giddily partakes of another Black Blotter and returns to his book. Carla prods him to remember how he was going to start his own universe. Hopefully Walter's universe wouldn't have any giant, flying porcupine men like Belly's did, because seriously: WTF? Or, if Walter's secret plan to defeat the Observers involves sending them to a new universe, hopefully it will be full of giant, flying porcupine men.

Anyway, at the mention of the new universe, Walter starts to fight back against the growing temptation to become who he once was. That's when he realizes he's at the Observer precinct in Manhattan, having snuck out of the lab some time earlier. Walter protests, saying he wouldn't do something like this. "You're in denial," Carla says. "You've been him longer than you've been you. Why else would I be here? I'm like this journal. I represent all the things you're trying to keep buried." Walter moves to leave the cab and go back home, but an Observer opens the door.

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