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Here Comes My Baby

The alarm brings one of the doctors or an orderly or whatever the hell running, and he doesn't ask how the nurse is doing, just where Fauxlivia is. The nurse gestures outside, and the doctor says, "Don't worry, she won't get far" and runs out after her. Yeah, I'm FINE by the way, THANKS FOR ASKING.

Outside, Fauxlivia finds herself in an alley in Chinatown, barefoot and pregnant. Unfortunately, the first person she sees is wearing some kind of creepy ceramic mask or something, like WHAT IS GOING ON HERE, and Fauxlivia shies away and then heads out in the street once the crazy mask-wearer has passed, holding her belly. The shop right next to her is a Chinese restaurant -- or, as they're known in Chinatown, I suppose, a restaurant. It's closed, but there's a woman sweeping up inside, so Fauxlivia pounds on the glass and yells for help, and then she's forced to the ground by a painful contraction. So far, this is the worst Year of the Rabbit ever!

Apparently giving up on the sweeping woman, Fauxlivia elects to go for the payphone across the street, but to get there she has to get by the creepy store window, with what looks like animé mannequins wearing cheongsams (?) that seem to unsettle her.

Back at Fringe, Lee is discharging Henry Higgins with a warning that what they've talked about is restricted information, with Henry promising not to talk: "Not that anyone would believe me anyhow." And then Fauxlivia gets through on Lee's cuff and she tells him she's in Chinatown, although she's not sure where. He tells her to look around and tell him what she sees. "OK. I see a dragon. It's red. And there's a noodle store," she says. Well, THAT should narrow it down. She tells him she needs a doctor because the baby's coming. He's all, "What you talkin' 'bout, Fauxlivia?" and she tells him that her kidnappers accelerated the pregnancy. She starts to say that she wants him to speak to her mother, but she can barely get anything out before she's seized by another contraction. Worse luck: she sees the doctor looking at her from down the street, so she ditches the phone and heads off in the direction of some people down the sidewalk.

Back at Fringe, Lee, having lost Fauxlivia, starts yelling that he needs a trace on the call in Chinatown. He heads into the elevator, and Henry's there, saying he knows a shortcut: "I'm a cabbie. I know every shortcut." Of course you do. You just prefer to go the long way, though, don't you?

Fauxlivia's made it into the crowd of people, who respond to her distress by asking, disdainfully, "What's wrong with you?" and staring at her, looking disgusted, as she collapses in agony.

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