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Here Comes My Baby

Fortunately, Lee and Henry are on the way, with Henry's cabbie skills coming in handy. "We're close," he says when Lee finds out the call came from Canal and Market. Make sure you find the place in Chinatown where you can see a red dragon by a noodle shop! Also, there's a medical team en route, and Lee tells Charlie to let them know Fauxlivia's in labour, since the pregnancy was accelerated. Charlie tells Lee about the danger to Fauxlivia if she goes through delivery, but by this point they're already there. "Fringe Division! Out of the way!" yells Lee, and Henry wants in on this action, too, so he yells something incomprehensible about being in Fringe as well.

Henry and Lee carry Fauxlivia into a nearby store, where the clerk just stares impassively as the three crazy people get ready to deliver a baby on the floor. Henry introduces himself and tells Fauxlivia that he delivered his daughter in the back of the cab. "It's not exactly a medical degree, but I can help out until the ambulance arrives," he says. Provided she has insurance. Fauxlivia looks at Lee, who tells her she can trust Henry, who seems a little disconcerted to have it confirmed that she really doesn't know who he is. Anyway, he tells her to get her knees up. It's baby-delivering time! Hilariously, the clerk is STILL standing behind the counter, not reacting AT ALL, looking like she's thinking, "Are you guys going to buy something, or...?"

Fauxlivia asks Lee if he talked to her mother, and instead of answering he just stares at her with his puppy-dog love eyes, and she gets a big ol' blast of adoration, and kinda cuddles in with him a little bit. They share a tender moment -- just a moment, mind you, because then the contractions start again, and Henry starts telling her what to do while Lee tells Fauxlivia to squeeze his hand as hard as she needs to. "You don't think about an hour from now. You don't think about a minute. We're gonna focus on this moment, OK? It's you and me." Fauxlivia makes him promise that he will stay until this is over. "There's no place else for me to be," he says, laughing a little. Yeah, now wouldn't be a good time to say, "I got tickets for the Rangers at the Garden tonight."

And while Henry tells Fauxlivia to push, Lee says, "I love you." Fauxlivia clutches him and says, "Promise me you'll save the baby." Oooh! Isn't that the worst? When you get up the nerve to tell your girlfriend "I love you" and she responds with "Promise me you'll save the baby"? I hate when that happens!

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