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Here Comes My Baby

Lee promises, and Henry tells Fauxlivia he sees the baby's head, and tells her to keep going, and just like that, the baby's there. "He's OK! He's OK!" says Henry, and Lee laughs, and then sees Fauxlivia's not moving, and the newborn baby has the good sense not to cry, what with his mom apparently dead and all. "He made it," says Lee, almost crying. And then Fauxlivia stirs -- of course she does -- and he gives her this massive baby, so I guess they accelerated the pregnancy into the fifth trimester. She cradles him, and looks at Henry, and looks at Lee, who tells her she has a son. "He's beautiful," she whispers, and everybody smiles and laughs, and now there is APPLAUSE, and then you realize that the crowd of gawkers is still staring in through the shop window like this is some kind of performance art piece, and then we see the ambulance arrive -- and there behind the crowd is the nurse, looking pissed. The scene ends before Lee can say anything awkward like, "I don't know if you heard, but I said 'I love you.'"

In the hospital, Lee and Charlie are talking about what Fauxlivia's going to name the baby, and God-love-Charlie says, "I'll give you a hint. It's not Lincoln," and Lee can't believe Fauxlivia is a mom. "Listen, you did a good job, sir. Broyles would be proud," says Charlie, and Lee jumps all over the fact that Charlie just said "sir." Charlie advises him not to get used to it.

In the hospital staircase, they meet up with Walternate, who's carrying flowers. He asks them if there's any news. Lee says they found the location where they were holding her, an abandoned building on Bayard Street, but techs haven't found anything yet. Walternate wants security assigned, because until they find who did this, Agent Dunham and the baby are still at risk. Lee says he's arranged for Secret Service, and there's an agent outside her room now. Walternate gruffly says Lee's hard work will not go unrewarded, and then he's off to see his grandson. "He should have told us," says Charlie, after Walternate leaves, and Lee says, "Which part?"

In Fauxlivia's room, Marilyn is weirdly staring at the baby like she's not even sure what it is, and then she calls him a miracle. Fauxlivia "explains" that the doctors said it was the acceleration that did it: "The virus couldn't replicate as fast as the pregnancy." Marilyn sums it up thusly: "Whatever the science is, he's still a miracle," like she's angling to be on some kind of Texas textbook committee.

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