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Here Comes My Baby

Meanwhile, Lee and Charlie are still grousing about being kept in the dark: "They put an imposter on our team to protect their mission. And do the math: Olivia, when she came back... wasn't it around the time Broyles disappeared?" says Lee. It was, says Charlie. "Makes you wonder what else we don't know," says Lee, and he and Charlie exchange grim looks.

Back in the hospital room, Fauxlivia talks a lot of blah-blah about how as soon as she found out she was pregnant, all she thought about was whether she had the condition, and didn't even spend any time thinking about being a mom. "Now, I just, I don't know if I'm ready," she says, and I think I can speak from parenting experience, if not mothering experience, that A) even if you'd spent all your time thinking about being a mom, you'd still be feeling right now that you weren't ready, and B) you will probably spend the rest of your life wondering if you're ready. Right now all you need to know is how to feed him and clean him, and before long you are going to look back on the early days as the EASY days. Marilyn: "To tell you the truth, all you need to do is love him." AND FEED HIM AND CLEAN HIM, Marilyn,G!

Marilyn says she can figure out the rest as she goes on, which is true enough. "I'm gonna need your help," says Fauxlivia, and Marilyn laughs and says she hopes so, and this tender mother-daughter-grandson moment is interrupted by the nurse, who comes in for the baby. Fauxlivia hands him off. "I'll be right back," says the nurse, and Marilyn asks to tag along.

The nurse gives the baby a little needle-poke thing on his foot, smears the blood on a card and gives it to the technician, telling him it's for the lab. But the scarred eyebrow (and the accompanying musical sting) lets us know he's one of the evil kidnapping doctors. Marilyn brings the baby back over to Fauxlivia, all three of them unawares of the shitstorm that's still enveloping them.

In the stairwell, the tech hands the blood sample off to someone, but we're not allowed to see who it is yet, even though there's just like a minute left in the show and obviously this is all going back to Walternate anyway. But before we get to that, the Observer strolls out onto the landing after the two nefarious evildoers have departed, and he's already got his special phone out. "It is happening," he says, ominously. Actually, ominously is the only way those guys ever say anything, so never mind. And now he is tilting his head! That's bad, right?

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