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Here Comes My Baby

Anyway, then Marilyn asks about the father, and we learn that Fauxlivia's cover story was that she met a man in a bar while Frank was out of town. Marilyn says that it doesn't sound like her. "I never said that it was one of my finest moments," says Fauxlivia. They argue about not being judgmental, and Marilyn insists that she just wants Fauxlivia to have all the support she needs, and Fauxlivia says she does, and she jokes that Marilyn and Lincoln should get together and commiserate, since he's not happy about this, either. "That doesn't change the fact that you'd make a wonderful mother someday," says Marilyn, her mother's sadness breaking your heart just a little, and softening Fauxlivia's annoyance just enough, and they drive on in silent d├ętente.

Marilyn drops Fauxlivia off at Fauxlivia's apartment, with Mom wanting to make sure she's fine and daughter assuring her she is, and Marilyn drives off with Fauxlivia's promise to call as soon as she hears anything good or bad (but probably bad).

As she walks up the path to the front door of her apartment building, she starts looking around, like she feels like she's being watched. She taps her ear cuff because Lincoln Lee is calling, and her distraction comes through in her voice, so he asks if she's OK, and she slides her entry card in the apartment door lock thing and tells Lee that she's probably just being paranoid and didn't actually see anybody. Except as she enters, we see across the street, someone in a sharp suit... let's say observing her.

Lee reminds her that she said she saw someone yesterday, and she admits that she thought that she did, and he says he's sending over a security detail, and she kind of protests but not really, and he says that if she's concerned she's being followed, there's probably a reason. "They'll be there within the hour," he tells her, and my 24-loving brain to this DAY still hears "within the hour" as a signal that means "during this episode." She thanks him, locks her door and drops her bag on a coffee table, and then notices her tablet computer displaying a page for viral propagated eclampsia, like did you ever hear of screensavers, Fauxlivia, and she just has time enough to turn the computer face-down before she's tasered and we see a couple of dudes standing there and then she's unconscious.

After the red credits, we're at New York's Fringe Division, and I've been informed that the building used in the establishing shot is actually the Vancouver Public Library. Inside, Lincoln Lee is breaking Charlie's balls for going out on a date with someone he calls "Bug Girl," and Charlie says at least he's making "attempts" while Lee doesn't even try to go out. Lee says his new position demands the majority of his time, and Charlie makes fun of his excuses.

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