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Here Comes My Baby

Then some junior agent who looks all of 14 years old tells Lee that the detail he requested has "reached the location," and he wants her to inform him when they're in place, and when she says, "Yes, sir," Lee pointedly -- for Charlie's benefit -- says, "Thank you, agent," and Charlie says he already told Lee he's not going to call him "sir," which sounds like insubordination to me. Lee accepts that only if Charlie tells him about "Bug Girl," and so Charlie says her name is "Mona" -- I bet it is, amirite? -- and they had tea and Charlie's not going to tell him any more than that and then turns things around and starts busting on Lee for having a thing for Fauxlivia.

Lee calls that ridiculous, but then proves it by starting to say something about how he would've thought that if Fauxlivia were going to cheat on Frank with someone... he doesn't finish that thought, and Charlie gleefully says he knew that was driving Lee crazy. And then Lee gets a call. "What? When?" he says.

Over on Liberty Island, Brandon is rehashing plot points with Walternate about how Peter is uniquely suited to power the machine and they need to find a reliable way to cross between worlds. Walternate angrily says, not for the first time, that they're not experimenting on children. I've come to think that it's not THAT bad an idea. I volunteer the girls in my daughter's daycare who recently informed her that she's not their best friend anymore. Experiment on them!

Then Walternate gets a call from Lee telling him that Fauxlivia's been kidnapped, and Walternate's all, "What do you mean, 'kidnapped'?" so Lee has to explain to him what "kidnapped" means. Walternate asks if anyone has made contact with demands, and Lee says they haven't but he spoke to Fauxlivia just 40 minutes ago, so it hasn't been long. Walternate asks if Lee has contacted something called Echelon, which Lee did as soon as he heard, and they're "activating the satellite." Walternate icily reminds him that it's crucial that this matter be resolved safely, and he wants information as soon as Lee receives it, which Lee promises to do.

And then the Echelon system is up and running without getting that annoying multicolored pinwheel going on in the middle of the computer screen, and Lee leads a team out into the field to track Fauxlivia down, whose signal indicates that she's on North Moore Street, moving east toward the harbour at 50 kilometres per hour. She's a great shot, and she's a really fast runner!

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