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Here Comes My Baby

In the windowless van shooting down the street, the driver radios to his colleague in the back and tells him to make the transfer and to let him know when he's ready. In the back, the kidnapper opens a briefcase containing a single vial of a sky-blue liquid, and looks at Fauxlivia, still unconscious.

Meanwhile, Fringe is still tracking Fauxlivia's signal, which has stopped moving and is at the corner of Mason and Tobey, but we all know how this is going to end -- Lee finds a vial just like the one the kidnapper had, stuffed into a plant outside a florist's. "They knew she had a tracker," says Charlie, clearly on Obvious Patrol today.

Elsewhere, a team of four people transfer Fauxlivia from the cot that she's on onto a proper hospital bed, strapping her down inside a makeshift surgical theatre inside some sort of warehouse. Everyone's wearing blue-grey scrubs and stylish black surgical masks and caps, because there's no reason they can't look chic whilst they prepare injections and hook up IVs for kidnap victims. One of the... surgeons? ...asks one with glasses what's next, and Four Eyes says, "Phase one has disrupted the regulatory process. By now, all inhibitory proteins should be blocked." I was just going to say, it looked like all her inhibitory proteins were being blocked.

Fauxlivia groans. "She's a fighter, like they said," says the head doctor, approvingly. He swabs her stomach and injects her with what looks like the stuff they sterilize combs in at the barbershop. Fauxlivia groans slightly, and then the doctor decides to put her back out. Nice of him to do that after he gave her a giant injection. The nurse sticks a pill in a groggy Fauxlivia's mouth and says she should start feeling it right away. The doctor tells her to let them know when she's ready, and they leave, while the nurse flips on some kind of machine that paints a light target on her stomach, and positions some sort of vertical glass screen in front of her. "What are you doing," says Fauxlivia weakly, and the nurse tells her to get some sleep, and she'll come back to check on her. Yes, what could be more relaxing than what's happening to her right now?

The nurse turns off the other lights and leaves, and on the glass screen we see a picture of what appears to be a tiny fetus waving its arms and legs around. Fauxlivia doesn't seem to have the energy to look too horrified before she loses consciousness again.

Back at Fringe, Lee and Charlie are griping about the waste of time it was to go after that tracker, but Lee points out that the trackers are distinct in every person, and untraceable without the Echelon protocol. "So there's only one way that the kidnappers would know about the trackers: either this is an inside job or someone sold the information." That's two ways!

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