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Here Comes My Baby

Agent Farnsworth shows up for her instructions, and Lee tells her to construct a database with the names and background of everyone who has clearance high enough to know about their tracking protocol. "Yes, sir. In the meantime, I think that you will want to look at this," she says, and brings him to a computer where she says she reviewed the traffic for a three-block radius around Fauxlivia's residence and found an anomaly: the same commercial vehicle has cruised past her building six times in the past week. "The chances of that are one in 756,000. It is a clear statistical outlier," she says. I kinda feel like there should be more information than that, don't you? That sounds like a rather ridiculous statistic, but it's enough for Lee and Charlie to spring into action. "It's registered to a livery service," says Farnsworth. "Livery service"? Is it near the blacksmith's?

This particular livery service vehicle is the one driven by Henry Higgins, who's reading alt-Berkeley Breathed's alt-comic strip, "Opus the Peahen." "Yo, he's crazy," says Henry, chuckling, just before Lee and Charlie are pointing guns at him and ordering him to A) put his hands on the wheel, and B) get out of the car. "Which one is it?" he says, freaked out, and Lee pulls him out of the car while Charlie goes for the Show Me in Henry's cab. "Where's Agent Dunham? You've been driving by her building -- why?" says Lee, and Henry at first tries to protest that he's a cab driver and has fares all over, which makes it seem pretty plausible that the same car might drive by the same apartment building six times in a week, but Lee's not having it, and Henry finally admits that he was worried about Fauxlivia, so he drives by once in a while to make sure she's OK.

Charlie learns Henry's name -- and the name of his wife, Jasmine, and daughter, Laura -- from the Show Me, and Lee wants to know how Henry knows Fauxlivia. Henry's reluctant to explain despite Lee's threat that Fauxlivia's a very good friend of his -- "Sure don't seem that way. Not from what she's told me," says Henry -- but he tells Charlie that this is the second time Charlie has pointed a gun at him, the first being the day he met Fauxlivia -- well, Olivia, really -- and Charlie recognizes him as the cab driver who helped Olivia get away. Lee asks where Fauxlivia is now, and Henry says he doesn't know: "I didn't expect she would come back here," and Lee's all, "What do you mean 'back here'?"

Meanwhile, over in the operating room of Dr. Caligari, the doctor shows up to shine a light in Fauxlivia's eyes. "Don't move, please," he says, annoyed, and I imagine Fauxlivia is very sorry that her discomfort is so irritating to the kidnapping doctor performing some sort of weird procedure on her. The doctor tells the nurse to "up her to 50 milligrams. That should keep her knocked out." The nurse is mildly shocked at the doctor wanting to use fifty milligrams of whatever it is, so the doctor is all, "Is there a problem?" and the nurse says, "No, not now that I've established that my moral compass isn't completely absent." Then the doctor asks how he is doing, and the nurse refers to a tablet computer and says he's doing well: abdominal circumference 160, head 170, biparietal diameter 40. Jesus, these college football scouts are starting to get out of control. The screen shows a fetus that is much larger than before, and the doctor says it shouldn't be long now, so the nurse says she'll administer the sedatives. Fauxlivia tries to see what's going on, but her vision's blurry. The nurse tries to give her a pill, but Fauxlivia fights her, making the nurse threaten to get the orderlies. Just put it in a block of cheese and she'll eat it and never even notice! The nurse puts the pill in Fauxlivia's mouth, and she swallows, and the nurse says "Good girl," and then tells her to relax.

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