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Here Comes My Baby

As soon as the nurse leaves, though, Fauxlivia turns her head and spits the pill out onto the floor.

Meanwhile, Henry is spilling his guts to an increasingly confused Lee and Charlie, telling them that Fauxlivia keeps saying people were trying to convince her that she was someone she wasn't. What people, Lee wants to know. "People she was running away from. You guys, I guess," says Henry, adding that she said she wanted to go home, to some guy named Peter. "I didn't want to get involved in any of this. But she... she got to me," says Henry, who adds that he ran into Fauxlivia a few weeks ago on the street, only she acted like she didn't know him, like her mind got wiped. He says that he's not trying to ruffle any feathers. "There's some things a guy like me shouldn't know about, I get it. But you start hearing things about some other universe, it's hard to ignore." That gets Lee's attention.

And the next thing we know, Lee's in the back of the Fringe vehicle. "What about my taxi?" he asks, but the agents just shut the door on him. Rude! He's just trying to help! Lee thinks Henry knows way too many details to be lying, and he reminds Charlie of when Charlie asked if he thought it was possible for Fauxlivia to be switched with the one from the other universe. "You said I was crazy," says Charlie. "What if you're not?" asks Lee.

Elsewhere, Marilyn's walking the dog when she gets a call (via her ear cuff, which is more technology than either of my parents in this universe or the other would be willing/able to use) from Dr. Rosa, who says that she's left several messages for Fauxlivia but couldn't reach her. Marilyn says something must have come up at work, and then asks for the test results. And the doctor just gives them to her rather than saying she should wait for Fauxlivia. Although I suppose she'd only feel the need to say that if it were bad news, so it would be a giveaway anyway. And it is bad news: Fauxlivia has VPE. Dr. Rosa says she'd like Fauxlivia to meet with a trauma counselor on staff: Beau Amaral, and Marilyn, sitting down on a bench, distractedly says she's sure that would be helpful. "Tell Fauxlivia to call me when you talk to her. I'd like to schedule the procedure as soon as possible before there's any risk to her health." Marilyn says she'll do that, and hangs up, and then sees -- of course, a mother with her grown daughter and grandchild playing in the park. Well, that's what you get for walking the dog in Apropos Park!

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