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Here Comes My Baby

Walternate says it's possible, or it may be, as Lee already suggested, an inside job: "None of us is without enemies," he says. Aww, who doesn't like Lee or Charlie? Or Agent Farnsworth? Speak for yourself, Walternate.

Actually, Lee does see through that and asks if Walternate is suggesting this is about him. Walternate, looking like he might break down, steels himself and tells Lee that his son was taken from him, and the idea that he might lose his future grandchild is impossible: "I will answer your questions. I will give you complete access to Fauxlivia's mission files. Whatever it takes, find her." Typically strong performance by John Noble, and by Walternate, as it turns out. I'd spoiler-alert that, only I didn't think it was all that huge a surprise. Anyway, Lee promises to do his best, blah blah blah.

Over in General Kidnapper Hospital, Fauxlivia is being wheeled from where she was through the warehouse to the operating tent, quietly taking in her surroundings: the papered-over windows, the old "Is your typhoid shot up to date?" poster, the neon light coming in from outside.

Once she's in place, the doctor asks how Fauxlivia's ligaments are doing, and the nurse says they're "supple" and that the chemicals seem to be working. "OK. Calibrate the joint expander to 18 degrees," says the doctor. Is a "joint expander" a tool that's used in non-alternate universe, non-kidnapping-necessitated deliveries? Or did this guy earn his medical degree from the University of Watching Dead Ringers Over and Over Again?

The doctor notes her hemoglobin count is low, and she's got inadequate uteroplacental blood flow. He asks if Fauxlivia's "pain management" is on schedule, and the nurse says yes, that Fauxlivia was given her last sedative 20 minutes ago. Did you check the floor? Because that's where your sedatives are going, lady. She protests the doctor's orders to give her another 12 units of plasma, pointing out it will be her fifth transfusion, but the doctor's not brooking any dissension, while Fauxlivia lies there, feigning unconsciousness and clenching her fists. "We have the timetable. There will be no adjustments. Initiate Phase Two," says the doctor. He leaves, and the nurse checks Fauxlivia's IV drip, etc.

Soon, Fauxlivia's sitting on a toilet with the nurse hovering outside the bathroom stall, exhorting her to empty her bladder, ignoring Fauxlivia's complaint of dizziness. So Fauxlivia goes the guilt route, pointing out that given she's an obstetric nurse, she must feel some kind of calling to do something so selfless: bringing babies into the world. Nurses do get paid, Fauxlivia. She says she probably has VPE, which killed her sister and niece/nephew when their hearts gave out. "You cannot be OK with what they're doing to me. If you don't make them stop, then they're gonna kill me and they're gonna kill the child that I'm carrying." Fauxlivia even tries telling the nurse that she doesn't have to do anything, just leave her alone for a minute. Given that she's dealing with people who have kidnapped her and are performing crazy fetus-acceleration technology on her -- seemingly without regard for Fauxlivia's own health -- does she really think they wouldn't come up with some sort of consequences for the nurse if she lets Fauxlivia escape?

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