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All Signs Point to Loeb
Back at the lab, Walter's holding onto the gross, disgusting thing, while it's in one of those clear boxes where you can stick your arms through holes into rubber sleeves. "Spirited, isn't it?" Peter asks if Walter's considered just killing the damn thing, which seems to be spraying slime all over the inside of its box. "We can always kill it, son. We can't always bring it back," is Walter's response. "You probably could," points out Astrid, and Walter acknowledges that that's true, right before getting to Walter's Weekly Wacky Food Craving, which in this case is cheesesteak. "How can you even think about eating?" says Astrid, and Peter wants one too, with extra provolone, but then takes offence when Astrid is all "Like father like son" before heading out. If I'm Astrid, I'm going to be gone for a long time. Take a book, hit the park, then pick up the cheesesteaks and tell them I got "caught in traffic."

Meanwhile, Walter's discovered that his theory was correct: "The organism was developed from the same material that Olivia stole from her captors." Peter asks if he's sure, which seems to piss Walter off a little as he says he's not even sure if they're on the same plane of consciousness, but yes, he's sure about this.

Over at Boston Federal Building, Broyles confronts Harris about the way Olivia was arrested, and Harris says he had "reason to suspect she might be dangerous," and Broyles says Harris has a "vendetta" against her, and speaking as a diehard-to-the-end NYPD Blue watcher, I've seen quite enough subplots about internal reviews overseen by hardasses to grudgingly come to respect the work that's done by the unit, so forgive me if I gloss over this somewhat. But it's probably important to know that the Fringe unit is now under Harris's "purview," and that he says he's not out to punish some "JV agent" who tried to ruin his life "for chasing a little tail." This is going to get worse before it gets better.

Back over at Boston College, Olivia's talking to the TA, asking if there was anyone unusual in class lately, or if Kinberg said anything to her in private. "Why would he?" she says. "'Cause you were his teacher's assistant," says Olivia. Yes, that's right: the percentage of televised teacher's assistants who are sleeping with their professors is holding steady at one hundred percent. (Call that the Law & Order Rule.) After the TA unconvincingly dances around questions Olivia asks about discrepancies between when his office hours ended and when he would go home, she finally comes right out and asks her how long she was seeing the professor. The TA doesn't even bother trying to deny it. "Three months. I knew he was gonna take the job. He hadn't even told his wife about it yet." Olivia asks her what job, and the TA's reluctant to say, even though she kinda just blew it, because Kinberg hadn't even told his wife yet: "The CDC -- Centers for Disease Control. They offered him this big job, which meant moving to Atlanta." She tells Olivia it was for a task force to oversee the country's preparedness to fight off an epidemic.

Olivia barges into Broyles's office, asking if she can come in, and he grouchily points out that he hates when she does that, "knocking and asking while you're coming in." The only thing I think Broyles likes is complaining about stuff.

Olivia tells him about Kinberg's job offer to co-chair the task force to respond to epidemics: "He wasn't the only scientist asked. There was another one, Dr. Russell Simon from Cambridge. I'm trying to locate him now." Start at Cambridge! She thinks he's a target too, and she tells Broyles about the genetic link between Kinberg's throat-slug and the evidence she took from her captors. "But why abduct you? And why kill Kinberg like that?" asks Broyles. He's like the question machine! Olivia isn't sure, but she thinks it might make sense to kill an epidemiologist if you're looking to start an epidemic. "Get rid of the firefighter before you start a fire," says Broyles thoughtfully, before irritatedly asking why he's just now hearing about this. Olivia says it's because his friend Sanford Harris forbade her from investigating her own abduction. Broyles tells her Harris has put everything on hold and wants Broyles to run all operations past him before they move. "Sir, I'm asking you to save a man's life. Are you telling me that you don't have the authority to let me do my job?"

Broyles gives her a half-smile and then tells her to find Simon and get him in protective custody now: "I'll handle Harris." "I know you will," says Olivia, giving him a smile back.

Outside in the main work centre, Olivia's not too busy saving a man's life to make personal calls to her sister, I see. She picks up the magic eight ball on her desk and arranges to just meet at the apartment -- Rachel has a key -- and she won't be too late. There's food in the fridge and takeout menus by the phone. "Don't worry about us at all. Ella's having a blast," says Rachel.

After hanging up, Olivia tells Charlie, who's just worried his way over, that she's going to Cambridge to pick up Russell Simon. "Who's that?" asks Charlie, who always seems pissed at her for some reason. "A man we're taking into protective custody. I'll give you the details on the way," she says. "Oh, I'm going with you?" says Charlie. Poor Charlie!

On her way out, she says hi to Mitch, who turns out to be Michell Loeb, which is played like a bigger reveal than it really is, but presumably that's for anybody joining the show for the first time. Loeb tells her he's co-ordinating the investigation into her abduction: "I assume everything you remember is already in your debrief." Olivia says it is, and he tells her that if he finds anything, he'll let her know. "We'll find him," says Loeb. Olivia! Look at his shoes!

After a commercial break, Olivia leads Dr. Simon through the situation room, thanking him for his co-operation. "I suppose I should be thanking you. FBI tells you they're here to save your life, you listen," he says. While Harris watches, frowning, from Broyles' office, Simon says Kinberg was a dear friend.

In a private interview room now, Charlie tells Simon that they're doing everything they can to bring those responsible to justice. But Simon doesn't know who might be targeting him, other than students with grade grievances (and I have to say that if one of his students was able to do what was done to Kinberg, they probably do deserve to ace their epidemiology class), since the CDC isn't expecting him for three months and he didn't tell anyone about the job but his wife.

And as usual on law enforcement shows, the internal affairs guy sent to determine if everything's running smoothly does so by INTERRUPTING ACTUAL WORK. Harris knocks on the door and asks Simon to excuse them so he can talk to his agents.

Olivia and Charlie go out into the hallway, but it's just Olivia who Harris needs to talk to, so Charlie shuffles off to make his hound-dog eyes elsewhere. Harris icily tells Olivia he did not approve spending the taxpayer dollars that will be needed to put Harris in protective custody. He then ignores the snideness in Olivia's asking him how long he plans to stick around: "Until I have made a full assessment of how this office conducts its business. Did Broyles approve your request?" Olivia says he didn't. And I appreciate that she doesn't want Harris to know that Broyles decided not to ask permission himself, but now it's just going to look to Harris like Broyles doesn't have any control over his unit.

Harris starts to walk away, but Olivia stops him with a little speech about how she knows he doesn't like her and thinks she's bad at her job: "But please, don't let that get in the way of doing the right thing. That man in there may likely die if we don't keep him safe." Olivia says she's not asking Harris to like her: "I'm asking you to do the right thing."

Harris thinks it over. "Yeah, we'll keep him safe," he says (well, for the next couple of minutes, anyway. Spoiler alert!), and gets on the elevator and frowns at the wall.


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