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All Signs Point to Loeb
cellphone rings. It's Peter, calling to tell her that Walter's made a breakthrough. The slug was activated by liquid. Turns out the yellow powdery stuff in the vials Olivia took are eggs, and the catalyst is stomach acid. "So the victim just needs to ingest it?" says Olivia. Or just pick up some stomach acid at the grocery store, Olivia. You don't want to get it at the convenience store. It's much more expensive there. Anyway, Peter says that once that happens, the thing grows, very quickly.

As they speak, we watch some torso pour a glass of water and dump some of the powdery yellow stuff in it. Why hide the face? Is there any reason we shouldn't already know this is Mitchell Loeb? The guy's face is hidden right up until the glass of water is delivered to Dr. Simon who thanks Loeb.

Loeb leaves and Simon takes a drink just before Charlie comes in to take Simon to the field office for debriefing before they move him to a safe house. But he's not even finished speaking before Simon starts looking uncomfortable. And maybe Charlie should have been briefed on exactly what Kinberg did before he died so he might have recognized this a bit quicker? Simon sounds like he's got the dry heaves, and Charlie says into the room's intercom that he needs medical assistance. He goes back over to Simon, who coughs blood on him and then collapses on the floor, where, much to Charlie's disgust, he starts to vomit out another one of those slimy things. "Oh, my god," says Charlie, looking thoroughly grossed out. He's not too freaked out, though, to pull out his gun and start SHOOTING at the thing, just as Olivia walks in. I hope Charlie hit it, because Olivia's just STANDING there with the door wide open.

Yeah, looks like it's dead. Walter's gleefully taking it out of a box and talking about what gargantuan specimen of nasopharyngitis it is. Olivia's all, "what does that mean?" like Peter's really falling down on the job of translating his dad's science jargon today, and Walter says it's a single specimen of a virus for the common cold. "So you're saying that this is one single cell?" says Olivia. Walter points out that an ostrich egg is a single cell, and it can grow up to five pounds. Is that true? I'm going to have to write the encyclopedia people and find out.

Olivia figures somebody's "playing" with them, and Peter agrees, because they killed epidemiologists with the common cold. "What I want to know is what they wanted from you." Olivia says, "Oh, who cares about me, I want to know who's next," which is a really stupid thing for her to say, but she only says it so Peter can say, "I care about you," (earning a glance from Walter) even if he couches it in the context of wanting to figure out who might be next (which is exactly the reason why Olivia wouldn't have said "who cares about me" in the first place). Now that things are sufficiently awkward, Olivia says she's going to keep looking for someone connected to Kinberg and Simon.

After she leaves, Walter says, "She is beautiful, isn't she?" But he's talking about the slug. I hope they're keeping a spot open for him in the mental hospital. I mean, really: "she"?

More refined musical taste displayed in the Dunham household: Olivia and Rachel are listening to the Watson Twins' cover of "Just Like Heaven" while they prepare supper. So I guess "I'm going to keep looking" actually means, "See you suckers tomorrow."

So anyway, there's a pot of sauce on the stove, and Rachel says she could have cooked for Olivia, who's all, "I've tasted your cooking," and Rachel defensively says that she's gotten really good. Oh man, are you guys getting the same vibe I'm getting? The "oh god, please don't anybody get the INCEST vibe that results when people combine their unexplainable insistence on seeing homosexual subtext in every scene involving two characters of the same sex, with the fact these two are blood relations" vibe? Yeah, glad it's not just me.

Rachel asks if she's had a hard day. Olivia: "I honestly wouldn't know what to tell you. And if I did, it would be a felony." They toast Olivia's "crazy job." And then Olivia asks if Rachel's heard from Greg. Rachel shakes her head, and starts to tear up. Olivia looks disappointed at the news. I guess that's because Greg is obviously a third Dunham sister, and it looks like there aren't any incestuous lesbian threesomes on the horizon any time soon.

Rachel says she doesn't know how to do this alone, and Olivia comforts her by saying, "Ella is beautiful, and smart, and strong, and she gets that from you." Rachel says Olivia's the strong one: "I've only done one thing right in my life." By which I hope she means Ella, and not, like, "I finally solved my Rubik's cube." Olivia tells her she needs to be strong for Ella. "Whatever you need, I'm here. And you guys can stay here as long as you want." Rachel thanks her, and Olivia gives her a look: "Is there something else? Something you're not telling me?" Rachel says there isn't, and gives her sister a kiss on the cheek. Naturally, there is something else, but we're not going to find out this episode.

Olivia's at her desk at Boston Federal Building the next day when Loeb strolls up. "How goes it?" he asks. "Horrible," says Olivia, and thankfully that's all she says, like how annoying are co-workers who don't understand that "how are you?" is really just a pleasantry and not an invitation to tell me about how your husband's boss is being a total douche lately, for example? Loeb tells her, "We'll find 'em," feeling it necessary to add, "whoever's responsible for what happened." He picks up her eight ball and jokes, "Maybe this'll help," and tosses it to her, only she drops it and bends over to pick it up, which is where she notices his black loafers, identical to the ones worn by the dude in the mask. She straightens back up, looking very wary of Mitchell, who doesn't notice it at all. I, however, would love to play poker with Olivia, who looks like Mitch just suggested they go out to lunch and eat some babies.

She goes over to Charlie and quietly tells him she needs to talk to him. Out in a corridor, she says, "I think I know who killed Simon. And I think it's the same person who abducted me." Charlie asks her who. "Mitchell Loeb. Don't ask me how I know. I'll tell you later." Charlie does not say, "No, you'll tell me now why you think a fellow agent kidnapped you and killed someone." Lucky for her, because all she's got right now is frigging LOAFERS. He does express skepticism, though, and she says she can prove it: "But I've got Harris watching me like a prison guard. I can't do this myself." Charlie asks her what she needs. She needs to prove it to him, is what she needs.

Olivia pulls up at the Loeb house, easily identifiable by the huge "LOEB RESIDENCE" sign on the lawn. She rings the doorbell, but there's no answer, so she walks around the side, peeking in the windows.

Back at the Fringe lab, Walter is dripping some liquid on the still-living virus. Peter thinks he's giving it LSD too, which Walter gets all indignant about: "LSD, why would I ..." then he remembers why Peter would ask that, so he explains that it's a decongestant. "She is a giant cold virus, after all." Two things: a) That doesn't make any sense, and b) "She"?

Hey, it's a rare Charlie visit to the Fringe lab! He pulls Peter aside to tell him that Olivia's got a lead on her abductor, but he can't help her. Peter asks why not. "Suffice it to say that sometimes a problem with being in law enforcement is that you gotta obey the law yourself," says Charlie. Peter gets it: "You think I'm the guy to break the law for you?" Surprised by Peter's quiet indignation, Charlie apologizes, but Peter lets him off the hook and asks him what he needs. A wiretap, says Charlie. On "Mitchell Loeb, FBI." Fringe spinoff!

Back at LOEB RESIDENCE, Olivia's broken out the lockpicks to get inside the house, but she doesn't get too far before a quite confused Samantha Loeb strolls up. Olivia steps back and quickly says that she was just in Marlborough and thought she'd

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