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All Signs Point to Loeb
f a folder on the table. She hands over one of the more artfully composed shots of his dead wife and passes it over.

Mitchell doesn't say anything, but his face starts to contort and turn purple. "And do you want to know who pulled the trigger?" says Olivia, leaning over the table at him. "You're looking at her." She asks again if Mitchell killed Kinberg and Simon. Enraged, he yells that he did: "Do you not understand the rules? What we're up against? Who the two sides are? Tell me at least you know that," he screams. "Who's 'we'?" asks Olivia, but Mitchell's speaking cryptically: "We had a plan here, lady. We had a shot. And you just blew it." He says that they didn't kidnap her, they saved her. "Saved me from what?" asks Olivia. "We were going to let you go. We saved you. You ... you have no idea ... what you've done. Not a clue," he says.

In the interview room, Peter helpfully says, "There's your confession." Olivia meets the gang in the corridor afterwards, with Broyles generously telling Olivia to go home and get some rest: "I think you've earned it," he says, like this hasn't already been a fourteen-hour day for her. She wonders what Loeb meant by the "we saved you" stuff but Peter shrugs it off as the crazy ramblings of an insane man. Olivia disagrees: "There was something about the way he said that," she says. "The man's insane, Olivia," says Peter, and Walter chips in to agree with Peter, as he's in the category of "takes one to know one."

Olivia still doesn't know why they took her, though. "Because they wanted to hurt you. They knew you were investigating them. They wanted to take you out," Peter tells her, which only makes Olivia wonder why they didn't just kill her. "You're talking about a man who infects people with giant viruses," says Peter, adding that Loeb only did it to get a reaction after he found out she'd killed his wife. He tells her to let it go and go home.

"I was worried, too, when you were taken," says Walter, sweetly. Olivia thanks him, and the three of them start to head out. "Not as much as him, of course," Walter adds.

Final scene: Olivia asleep on the couch, cradling her niece, also asleep, a copy of What's That Noise open on top of them. Candles burning. Unattended! Rachel comes in, takes the book, kisses each on the forehead. Everyone watching holds their breath to wait for Rachel to get a call from a bad guy and say, "Yes, I'm in. No, she doesn't suspect a thing." Instead, she just turns out the light. I hope they're going somewhere good with it, and not just that the show's being retooled to become Two and a Half Women.

Daniel has always said he likes cops and agents who play by their rules, just as long as they get results. He can be reached at

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